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    Leaving Power on the Table, 440

    Fuel injection has a hard time auto tuning at less than 110lsa What is your fuel pressure at 5700
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    Help with AC

    What vehicle are you working on?
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    Old fart issues...

    Extra gravity, more than normal gravity, high gravity areas.
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    Old fart issues...

    I would start marking all of the gravity hot spots and avoid them.
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    SOLD 68-70 b body 3 speed wiper linkage & pivots (refurbished)

    What would shipping be to 74075?
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    72 Satellite Gen III Hemi Restomod

    Clutch pedal firewall brace. Installs from the engine bay and provided the bolts for the outside clutch bracket.
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    Overheats on the freeway but not when cruising around town?

    Hot cooling pressure test on your cooling system? Head gaskets? one of these might help see whats going on
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    Corporate product donations....

    Their bread is baked fresh everyday. Which means they have to start mixing ingredients the night before. Letting the bread rise just takes time and there's no way to hurry it. So unless your crystal ball is perfect they have to mix up a projected amount. Then if a school bus stops by you're...
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    Members with 4 wheel disc systems.....Can you get the tires to skid?

    How about checking vacuum at the booster while watching the brake pressure?
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    SOLD 68-70 Charger Antenna

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    Molasses as a rust remover is awesome

    Well the molasses dip do anything with paint? I see the pedals were rusty and painted in the finished pictures. They're nice metal.
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    SOLD American Powertrain Aluminum Big Block 11 Inch Bellhousing

    Can you make out a number anywhere?
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    400 BB Holley EFI struggle

    Stuck fuel pressure register. Check the spark plugs. Did it run correctly in the past? What is that Bosh p/n?
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    72 Satellite Gen III Hemi Restomod

    If it were me, I would take a razor blade and shave it off flush
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    Electric fuel pump systems

    Did you put any baffling? Or did you use a fuel mat? Did you recote the inside of the tank or is that stainless?
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    laser type temp on exhaust headers

    Very nice looking headers! I have a mild 440 with MPFI and temps at the port plus 1 in is about 600° at idle. @ 13.6ish
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    Wandered through Ivester's yard today.

    I'd still be there wandering around.
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    SOLD 1971,1972 GTX , RR HOOD PIECES

    Shipping to 74075?