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  1. taddy

    vin tag tag

    i,ll tape the sides up and put some paint remover on and see what happens
  2. taddy

    vin tag tag

    i see you can buy these on ebay and he,,ll put the numbers in if it,s correct for a 67
  3. taddy

    vin tag tag

    the rivets are round should they rosette
  4. taddy

    vin tag tag

    this is mine it must have been replaced
  5. taddy

    vin tag tag

    whats the factory vin tag supposed to look like on 67 dodge cornet rt
  6. taddy

    wilwood disc brake kit

    will the wilwood front disc kit work on magunum 500 wheels some are saying it work also what part number for master cyl to convert to front disc 1967 cornet rt
  7. taddy

    Front Disc Conversion Questions

    what master cyl did you use
  8. taddy

    Recommendations for Red Line Radials

    whats the diffrence between the dB ss and dB iii that summit sells
  9. taddy


    so i should get 235 on back and 225 on front will that make the car lower on front
  10. taddy


    the 775x 14 is 27 inch high 235 70 15 is 28 inch high
  11. taddy


    i just purchased 1967 dodge cornet it came with 775x14 inch tires and magnum wheels and i was going to buy 4 new magnum 15x 7 4 1/4 with 235 /70 / 15 silvertown bf radial tires from coker wondering wil they fit
  12. taddy

    1967 R/T Stripe

    does anybody know who sells the bottom stirpe
  13. taddy

    Comment by 'taddy' in item '67 R/T restoration'

    what size tires did you put on and how wide are your rims i just bought a 67 cornet and it came with 775 14 and id like to go wider tires
  14. taddy

    67 dodge cornet door lower hinge replacement

    wondering whats the best way to replace bottom hinge on 67 cornet i thout taking the door off would be the best also are the after market door hinges any good