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  1. 68dirtybird

    68 rr back glass corner structure

    Yea they have those in stock . I think I need these as well was just trying to make sure
  2. 68dirtybird

    68 rr back glass corner structure

    Needing some photos of the package tray ext. That meet the structure on the side cause the guy that had the car messed it all up n I have nothing to go by.
  3. 68dirtybird

    WTB 68 RR front fenders

    Looking for both front fenders, thanks
  4. 68dirtybird

    SOLD Hughes whiplash 440 premium cam kit

    I have a hughes whiplash 440 premium cam kit ,decided to go a different route there 587 new asking 500 obo local pick up or buyer pays for shipping located in west tn .
  5. 68dirtybird

    Autometer gauges

    Does anyone have any pics of autometer gauges in a 68 b body non rallye dash or have a template I could go by.thanks in advance
  6. 68dirtybird

    Torque shaft/z bar

    What size torque shaft do I need for a 68 rr 10.5 bellhousing 440,thanks
  7. 68dirtybird

    Manual master cylinder

    Yes that helps alot ,thanks
  8. 68dirtybird

    Manual master cylinder

    gonna have manual brakes which holes does the master cylinder go in it was a bare shell reason I'm asking for help,thanks
  9. 68dirtybird

    Sure grip or open

    Is this an open or sure grip in a 489 8.75 ,thanks in advance
  10. 68dirtybird

    WTB pedals

    Pm sent
  11. 68dirtybird

    Dana 60

    Guy said that's what he had it under I will get the serial # and post it .
  12. 68dirtybird

    Dana 60

    Will a dana 60 out of a 67 charger work under a 68 b body,thanks in advance
  13. 68dirtybird

    FOR SALE Fender 1966-70

    Sorry it was an accident
  14. 68dirtybird

    FOR SALE Fender 1966-70

    Sent pm
  15. 68dirtybird

    Measurement for a12 hood

    Is there any photos on where they go on the front of the car?