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  1. 65wgn440

    Pertronics ready to run distributor?

    Pertronix is quality stuff.
  2. 65wgn440

    Site upgrade

    Well, I am not a Gold member, so I really have no right to complain, but as Joe Walsh said "Sometimes I still do". So my issue is ; since the upgrade to the site, I no longer enjoy coming here. Nothing really seems to work right for me and it is just frustrating as heck. I am a life-long B body...
  3. 65wgn440

    Some Info on New Charger

    Not very.
  4. 65wgn440

    I watched the first trailer for Fast X.

    Wow, some Charger guys are really uptight ( imagine that ha-ha-ha). It's a MOVIE !!
  5. 65wgn440

    Would you buy it?

    Do not have to change k member or use conversion mounts.
  6. 65wgn440

    Burnout without blowing up a 727

    Yeah, the jackass is in such a hurry to get some video of the shrapnel under the car, so he can get some more "YouTube gold", that he can't take the time to grab a jack stand when he brings out the jack ! How famous he would be if that jack failed and his customer was crushed. Then the idiot...
  7. 65wgn440

    915 heads in a 69 GTX

    Why would anyone care about stock exhaust valve size ? Who in the heck would run these heads without going to (at least) 2.14" and 1.81" valves ?? Never understood everyone asking if it's an "HP" head or not.
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    Quarter panels

    They have a bunch of rear axles for sale in another listing.
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    Old school football (real football)

    One minor correction on Alan Page. Page was a defensive tackle, not an end, which made it even more miraculous that he was named league MVP in 1970 (I think). First defensive player ever to win the honor !
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    Quarter panels

    Saw this on Facebook
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    FOR SALE New trunk gasket 66-67

    This is for '66-'67 what exactly ? Charger, Belvedere, Coronet ?
  12. 65wgn440

    Looking for Mopar Muscle Mag Sept 2017 vol 30 number 9.

    If you don't find it in a week or two, send me a message and I'll look for it. I may have stopped buying that one before '17, but the cover does look a little familiar.
  13. 65wgn440

    These engine blocks are interesting

    I was there, but missed both those guys. Too busy looking for old, used crap I guess.
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    SOLD 67 Satellite Gtx Rocker molding.

    Gotcha. The way your post was written, I thought you meant GTX and Satellite both had no rocker trim.
  15. 65wgn440

    SOLD 67 Satellite Gtx Rocker molding.

    ?????? I had a '67 GTX with rocker molding. BTW, I also currently have a '67 Belvedere II with them. Any idea on shipping to 43609 ? Thanks.
  16. 65wgn440

    Here's One for the 4 Speed Guys

    Congratulations !!
  17. 65wgn440

    Drum brake job beating the hell out of me.

    And not every 9/32 socket will fit. I have had problems with later model Rams and vans (some things never change)where the zerk head is too tall for some 9/32 sockets.
  18. 65wgn440

    Drum brake job beating the hell out of me.

    I don't know what you did to get them back together, but what I notice in your pictures is a bad angle on your wheel cylinder "arms".