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    Anybody got a RockAuto discount code? They still give them?

    Yep. Put a future date in your search as well. Keeps you from getting expired codes.
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    Josh's Muscle car parts

    I've ordered from them a few times with no issues, but maybe I was just lucky.
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    fly wheel cover-inspection cover

    I didn't think Lakewood bellhousings had a provision for a cover.
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    1968 Plymouth GTX

    If you have the tail panel, do yourself a favor and test fit it now with the tail lights. Damn few of them line up well from the factory and you very well might end up having to relocate the holes in the deck lid a bit.
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    hi Mopar lover in PA

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    Reverse lamp indicator wiring- 1969 road runner

    Posted for clarity. But hey, you do you.
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    Reverse lamp indicator wiring- 1969 road runner

    On the engine side, power comes from the bulkhead connector "D" - to the trans switch and back to "C" where it is jumpered to "Z". Under the dash "C" continues on to the reverse lights and "Z" would go to the dash light.
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    Greetings from Port Dover Ontario!

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    1968 Plymouth GTX

    You'll be getting media out of that car for a year. AMHIK.
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    one lazy turn signal light

    I'd start with the grounds as well.
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    Soda blasting

    I'm not saying they don't warp as they most definitely can. I'm saying it's from the hammering of the media and not heat.
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    Cummins battery time...

    I replaced mine with a pair Odyssey batteries about ten years ago. The original Mopar ones lasted 11 years, but kept shittin' up the terminals, causing all kinds of little electrical issues. The replacements do not **** up the terminals and are still going strong, but are not budget friendly.
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    Soda blasting

    I don't have a dog in this fight but I will state that dry blasting does not cause heat induced warpage. It is an old wives tale. Try it yourself - blast a panel and then put your hand on it, it'll be cool as a cucumber. Heat from welding, a torch or excessive grinding will absolutely warp a...
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    New from Ohio

    Welcome aboard.
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    Yo dudes!

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    I had Advanced Plating do my vent frames. Came out nice.
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    High build primer, what's your preference today...

    I don't use much high build primer these days, but SPI has never failed me.
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    Another new member

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    Never Mind The Electric Cars.... Electric Buses??? Naaa...... Now It's Electric Scooters That Are Exploding....

    No worries - if you're riding an E-Bike, you have no genitals.
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    72 Dodge Charger SE $8000 not mine

    Dude couldn't afford a van back in the day. Interior (other than the Scooby Doo ****) looks pretty decent though.