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  1. 440 PHIXX

    Rapid Transit System Cuda FOUND After 45 Years!!

    Someone said in the YT comments “no 3 pedals. No can do” or something like that. It actually does have three pedals. It needs a clutch pedal too! :D
  2. 440 PHIXX

    For Sale 'Not Mine' 68 GTX Conv.

    That’s a nice looking car! I think I prefer the hardtop, but the drop is definitely rare and more $’s.
  3. 440 PHIXX

    Cruising Is Not a Crime

    I cruised Lansdale and Pottstown in my Charger and ‘Cuda. It was the ultimate payoff to get them running and street legal to make the scene. My Charger was a true basket case. I brought a bunch of it home in milk crates! :D
  4. 440 PHIXX

    Another clock saved from the dead

    Nice artful work! :thumbsup:
  5. 440 PHIXX

    For the guy who has everything

    The 917 is the only Porsche that isn’t gay. :D
  6. 440 PHIXX

    Finely broke the Ice with the car shows.

    Beautiful car! I never did the car show thing. My cars are “incorrect”. :D
  7. 440 PHIXX

    From Ky 1976 Charger Daytona

    Very nice! And rare! :thumbsup:
  8. 440 PHIXX

    Black Ghost going to auction.

    I agree. The insurance will kill the deal for most. I guess the wealthy guys with their 911’s will be able to afford it though. Good for them! :)
  9. 440 PHIXX

    Peddling fender tags for big bucks

    I’ve seen so many “real” cars that are nothing more than a VIN on 75% 2 year old Asian sheet metal. But yeah… the VIN says it’s “real”. An original USA Chrysler built car that is cloned is more real to me.
  10. 440 PHIXX

    69 Sport Satellite

    I hope they don’t salt the roads there. It has eaten my daily up.
  11. 440 PHIXX

    Beutiful exhaust manifolds in no time

    They look great! :thumbsup:
  12. 440 PHIXX

    Black Ghost going to auction.

    Kool car. Just seems like a fabricated story.
  13. 440 PHIXX

    '68 Dart GTS For Sale - Not Mine

    I passed on one of those back in ‘91 at Carlisle for $9k. Oh well!
  14. 440 PHIXX


    The pre ‘68 B bodies are undervalued. They have gone up with everything else though.
  15. 440 PHIXX

    Black Ghost going to auction.

    I never heard mention of it in all the years of stories and “bench racing” going back 45 years. I do remember reading about this one…
  16. 440 PHIXX

    Where did you and your car go today

    Work. On a Saturday. :( I’ve been daily driving a big block B body every day since spring 2014.:)
  17. 440 PHIXX

    Was this '68 Charger R/T really worth $60k?

    They seem to. But the whole thing started with Corvettes back in the late 70’s. The VIN didn’t say if your Corvette was an original “Fuelie” or L78 396. Same with Chevelle SS, GTO, 442, GS.
  18. 440 PHIXX

    Was this '68 Charger R/T really worth $60k?

    Since it isn’t GM, XS29L tells you what it is and what engine it came with. Try that with a GM VIN before 1972 MY.