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  1. tallhair

    Are there any members here that fix, sell, part out used Riding mowers?

    Are there any members here that fix, sell, part out used Riding mowers? I’m looking for a 2008 Poulan, Jonsered, or Husqvarna left headlight parts. Might also be same as some Craftsman models ? I ran into a window A/C unit and broke the left/drivers side headlight. No I don’t need to mow at...
  2. tallhair

    Trynig to find info on Turqoise Steering Wheel

    I have one that looks turquoise to me but want to be sure what it's correct for. Looks like 68 wheel and center pad and color to me. If it is turquoise what years did they have these? If pics are not good enough to tell I'll get some better ones.
  3. tallhair

    Looking for 1970 FJ5 Lime Light 440+6 Road Runner Coupe

    Hi guys. I decided to finally put up a thread to see what happened to a car I sold about 15+ years ago. I keep thinking about it over the years and I have thought about doing this several times to find out if anyone has out there has it or has seen it. I sold a 70 RM21V0G - FJ5 Lime Light 440+6...
  4. tallhair

    what is this deck lid off of? Can't identify it and could use some help please

    This is in the garage and I don't know what it is off of .. I am aware it's a deck lid :) but I figure someone here will recognize it hopefully
  5. tallhair

    14" wheel covers on 15" wheels - any tips, tricks, or adapters available ?

    Anyone know of a way to use 14" wheel covers on 15" wheels? Assuming vintage Mopar caps on Mopar wheels Any tricks or tips?
  6. tallhair

    How do I get this off

    Is there a simple and easy way to get the carb stud spring contraption off w/o damaging it or the carb? It will need to go back on. A trick one of you have learned?
  7. tallhair

    FYI - Year one sale at 30% this weekend

    I know a lot don't like YO but just sharing info if it's not already out there Might be time to get that high ticket item like wiring harness or something :) Code is: LABOR4
  8. tallhair

    Need to sell approx 10 auto transmissions and other stuff for cores or salvage

    I have approx 10 auto transmissions I need to get rid of. I've heard transmission re-builders will pay around $100 for them as cores but whatever it is it has to be better than scrap value. Anyone care to comment with experience or recommendations? Can any of you confirm and does anyone know...
  9. tallhair

    MLB 2014 Season - any other Baseball fans out there ?

    Posting up the 2nd annual FBBO Baseball thread for those that follow hard ball. I'm a lifelong STL Cardinals fan so I'll be supporting the boys with the Birds on the Bat and rooting them on to hopefully another great season and with luck, continued postseason success. I look forward to any...
  10. tallhair

    For me this show is unwatchable

    There are a lot of car shows these days. Some good .. some horrible but the one for me that is UN-watchable is Classic Car Rescue. I can not stand that English dude Bernie Fineman Opinions ? disclaimer I have nothing against my English brothers. This particular guy just grates on my nerves...
  11. tallhair

    Southern Illinois members please post here

    A little project to help locate members in your area just to see who your neighbors are or whatever I'm in Mascoutah, IL or Southern, IL which is 30 min from the St Louis Cardinals home .. Busch Stadium or St Louis if you prefer Post your town / nearest large town proximity There is a...
  12. tallhair

    FBBO cumulative years of Mopar knowledge, experience, passion - Post up your time

    Hey guys I thought it would be interesting to tally up how many years of Mopar knowledge, experience , loving, driving, and working on our favorite breed of cars there is in our combined membership ranks. I'll post up an occasional tally along the way and don't worry about the number ... Just...
  13. tallhair

    Comments about purists and haters is getting really old

    The hating type comments against the alleged purists who as a rule don't piss on anyone's ride on this forum are really getting old. To me it's reverse discrimination and a put down when the "purists" are not doing any bitching about anyone's choices, rides or what someone decides to do to with...
  14. tallhair

    Casting numbers for 72 and later exhaust manifolds - help needed

    Hey guys I have seen casting numbers for 71 and down casting numbers but does anyone have a link for 72 and up? I've got some manifolds I need help identifying
  15. tallhair

    Doctor Who "Day of the Doctor"

    Just finished watching Doctor Who 'Day of the Doctor' and it was pretty darn good. It was a long wait but watched with my daughter and it was very good fun. Watching the after show now. Anyone else?
  16. tallhair

    American Car Prospector

    I may piss off some folks who like the lead actor but the American Car Prospector is such a comedy I actually love to watch it. "Hey mister can I touch your four four two?" he said pensively. I watch it because the guy is such an incredible goof I just love it. I just re-watched the episode...
  17. tallhair

    Need help for young misguided military guy

    He's got a 68 Comaro and is having wiring problems. Is there any site out there for 1st gen Camaro guys or even Chevy guys that is anywhere close to what we have here for tech and troubleshooting assistance? I'd had to recommend a site that flames new members or has a bunch of grab *** going...
  18. tallhair

    Post up any Veterans Day discounts for this weekend here - 2013

    Hey folks if you know of any Veterans day or Vet Day weekend specials post the company link and Percentage up If a code is required please share
  19. tallhair

    MLB in full swing and heading down the stretch - any other Baseball fans out there ?

    Hi guys I keep seeing the other professional sports related thread popping up and I'm wondering if there are any other rabid (or passionate) baseball fans out there. The season and teams are gearing up for the playoffs and it's a really exciting time and there's still plenty of great baseball...
  20. tallhair

    Need some help from a bicycling enthusiast.. anyone ever heard of a K-TEC MTB bike?

    I have a circa early 90's K-TEC K2 Mountain Touring Bike or MTB. It also has K-TEC on handlebars and seat/saddle and K2 and C160 on the frame. I think the frame is made of Chrome Moly. I purchased in England at the Base Exchange in appox 1994. I've been google-ing and cannot find out...