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  1. tallhair

    Original Exhaust Manifolds for a 1970 Coronet R/T

    70 manifolds have a different exit angle on (if I recall correctly) the pass side. If you are ordering prebent pipes that's good to know info.
  2. tallhair

    Corrrect Exhaust System For the 1968 Road Runner/Super Bee 383

    they had the same high flowing exhaust manifolds
  3. tallhair

    Header Wrap Question

    Some pretty good thoughts here in apostle's thread and also over in Speedy's. Upshot it will speed up rusting but hey the cheaper ones rust out any way .. and it will take a long time
  4. tallhair

    440 Exhaust

    what cams are you running copper and badmopar? Very nice pair of 67's you guys have.
  5. tallhair

    exhaust manifold coatings?

    I'm planning on same or the powder coating. Thanks for the feedback canuck - - - Updated - - - May be in my future .. If I don't do the eastwood route. Thanks brother
  6. tallhair

    How to remove Exhaust Manifolds 69 440 do you need special tool? HELP

    Do you need a special tool? Only if you are going to give it the Aunt Jamimah Treatment
  7. tallhair

    What headers should I buy?

    anyone else used dnyomax cyclone headers? i had good luck with them and used the same set on a 383 and later a 413 in the same car with no issues IIR of course i put them on 30 years ago and they lasted at least 10 years before i took them off and put HP manifold back on.