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  1. tallhair

    What is the weight of a factory 68 - 70 Dana 60 ?

    What is the weight of a factory 68 - 70 B body Dana 60 with drum brakes ? I’ve been searching and can’t find a definitive answer but I’m getting the impression it’s about 250 lbs. Anyone know?
  2. tallhair

    70 4 Speed Reverse Lockout or Interlock Question

    Does anyone have a 70 B Body with a 4 Speed and the column lock, interlock, reverse lock installed? Seems there’s different terms used. Looking at my 70 RR 4 speed it looks like it must be pretty cramped with the z bar so close. I’m missing most of the column loc’ on my car and wonder what...
  3. tallhair

    Were 68 440 magnums drilled for 4 speed?

    Were 68 440 magnums drilled for 4 speed? I’ve always thought they were but just checking. I have a 68 440 Magnum and it has a pilot hole but wonder if it will accept a stock 4 speed bushing and if it’s deep enough for an uncut 833 input shaft. It’s on an engine stand now, but before I put it...
  4. tallhair

    New / Old B&M street and strip trans will be going in the R/T

    I bought Wedge's TCI pan and it should be here any day. I also went digging / shopping in the ole garage and pulled out the B&M street and strip trans I got 23 years ago with another 68 RT I bought back then. The trans was new-ish at the time and has just been sitting in the garage collecting...
  5. tallhair

    Cleaning and probably painting Edelbrock Torker

    What source brand of paint do you guys recommend for the original turquoise color and or aluminum look paint? I plan to use the Mopar brand turquoise unless there's a better and cheaper one that looks the same or even more accurate. But I'm also thinking of painting it with 'aluminum look...
  6. tallhair

    Need 727 Trans pan improvement suggestions

    Looking for suggestions and knowledge on the BB 727. I've got some leakage and I don't know if its the pan gasket or something else but the trans is leaking fluid. It's covering the whole pan and dripping and seems to have been for a long while. The car is a 68 Coronet RT, I have no idea when...
  7. tallhair

    HELP please .. any advice on starting up my 440 for first time in a decade ???

    I've got my R/T in the garage finally. It has not been fired up since about 2003 so 10 years. I'm thinking it would be wise to pull the heads and check out the cylinder walls since I've never had them off previously. It's an matching numbers engine that doesn't look like its ever been apart...
  8. tallhair

    You will love this and play with it often

    heh heh He said play with it heh heh I just found this and it's cool as hell and fun to play with. One really neat diff from others I've seen is you enter tire size as 275R5015 etc with sliders and the really awesome visuals. Check it out and i bet you play with it for at least 10-15 min...