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  1. tallhair

    My DIY fan shroud project...

    That rug really tied the room together man
  2. tallhair

    Yet another 440 please

    The fan blades are orientated correctly right?
  3. tallhair

    Tool to remove pressed on Saginaw ps pulley?

    Use of heat and cold is a great idea. I used to input shaft bushings in the freezer overnight before putting them in the pilot hole. Then let them warm up to normal temp and they're in there good.
  4. tallhair

    Another great Glen-Ray radiator!

    Thanks Clemul. I'm glad you had a positive out come and I'll definitely give him a call
  5. tallhair

    Another great Glen-Ray radiator!

    thanks for the tip - - - Updated - - - How much was the work clemul? I'm piecing together a rad. It's 22" 3 core and I just got the correct tanks in last weekend so I want the new old tanks put on to look correct.
  6. tallhair

    Aluminum Champion and US Radiator Review

    Nice review and it looks great in your rod TM.
  7. tallhair

    What is a used 2949054, small font, 26" hemi/A12 radiator worth?

    As an example I'm looking for a 68 BB Rad 2898045 and was quoted $495 plus $50 bucks shipping for one with 'a few dings' but a solid 3 core (would need to be checked/possibly rodded). And that part number is not correct for 68 BBL or HEMI cars. Restored originals are probably worth more to...
  8. tallhair

    Viscous Clutch Fan Measurement. Will It Fit?

    I'll bite. Who and where is it?
  9. tallhair

    water pump housing

    Good enough for me Will and I read the article .. Mancini it will be. FYI folks, aluminum heads, 6 BBL (because that's what I'll be doing eventually .. more weight off for an aluminum 4 BBL intake), and water pump housing, plus moving battery to trunk is well over 150 lbs off the front of the...
  10. tallhair

    Coolant leaks past exhaust manifold mounting studs.

    All the info you need regarding sealing the bolts that go threat the water passage are here: Possibly other problems you may have to contend with though and depending on...
  11. tallhair

    Waterless Coolant

    doubt you'll recoup much in the way of gas mileage so that's not a plus but the lifetime factor and i would imagine health of your cooling system seems like a big cost and reliability benefit especially for a car that is not daily driven and possibly stored during the winter. curious about the...
  12. tallhair

    Big Block water pumps

    i have always considered buying one of the MP aluminum ones. anyone have positive or negative feedback on those? fit, reliability, performance, other?