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  1. tallhair

    66 Variable Speed wiper motor

    I'd give Kim at Passion at call :)
  2. tallhair

    A/C and re-sell value

    Just take it off and document disassemble with pics and get some zip lock bags for nuts and bolts etc and write down what's what on a 3x5 card and put them in the bags. let the next guy restore it and put it back on if he wants the A/C and it doesn't matter to you
  3. tallhair


    I can see the pictures in the first post
  4. tallhair

    need some advsie

    They're between the pivots themselves and the body. They dry out and your floor get's wet. It's all down hill from there :) - - - Updated - - - Which kit and from where ski?
  5. tallhair

    Interior restoration

    Yep just bookmarked it for ref when I get to my convert panels which are same or similar materiel .. thanks :)
  6. tallhair

    Interior restoration

    Nice work team !
  7. tallhair

    Seats before and after

    There is some excellent "how to" in hunt2elks thread on his seat-belt refurb .. very recent.
  8. tallhair

    Seats before and after

    Congrats Happy Toes! They look great
  9. tallhair

    Stole a 67 Charger

    Yep, stole it
  10. tallhair

    The no trim look

    Well me 5 then. They both look great to me
  11. tallhair

    Looks like I'm 3rd!

    Those M/T valve covers are cool .. what's going on with the black accents .. what did you do?
  12. tallhair

    So why did you pick a 66-67 Charger?

    Nice ... that color looks awesome with the body lines and white interior
  13. tallhair

    1966 Bright Red 361 Survivor

    Congrats on getting her running and on the road again. I know you are having a great time now
  14. tallhair

    1966 Bright Red 361 Survivor

    Nice and very complete car. Congrats
  15. tallhair

    trunk divider

    there were kind of a cardboard but not exactly cardboard more like really heavy paper like artwork poster board. the repops look pretty much like the originals to me.
  16. tallhair

    What do you think of this look?

    I love, love, love it
  17. tallhair

    One Sweet Glow

    that looks awesome kelly
  18. tallhair

    Advice on price for 66 Charger

    glad you got it and are happy with it. I thought it looked like a great car in that general price range but didn't comment because i don't know **** about 66 chargers other than they look great with shiny red paint, decent white and/or red interior (or any other color for that matter because...