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  1. tallhair

    I'm gonna buy some skates come hell or highwater .. please comment or make offer ASAP

    I'm going to buy some car skates. I've read RC's post and responses and am narrowing it down to one of these 3 options unless someone suggests a better alternative or would like to PM me with an offer for what they have and don't need. I would prefer the ratchet style jacks but am trying to...
  2. tallhair

    New to me Air Compressor .. suggestions on what to do before use / best experience :)

    I brought this home this weekend. 13 years old according to info on sticker but only used for a year or so by my brother before he passed, then sat for at least the last 7 years w/o use in an unheated and uncooled garage in Southern IL heat and cold cycles. We have very high humidity :) I...