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  1. tallhair

    SOLD 1942 Plymouth Street Rod

    Thead closed. Used PM tool to share contact info
  2. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1968 Sport Fury L Code 440 4 Speed Sell or Trade

    Click the OP's username and send him a Personal Message (PM) .. i.e. take it offline please
  3. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1968 Sport Fury L Code 440 4 Speed Sell or Trade

    Commentary is NOT allowed in For Sale forums. Relevant questions ONLY! Please Click Here and read all the rules before posting in this forum Failure to obey these rules may result in your post being deleted without notice...
  4. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1989 Ramcharger - 360 - 4 Speed

    That's a very nice looking ramcharger. What was the special order issue? 4 speed with the 360?
  5. tallhair

    SOLD 427 Three 2s 1971 GMC

    That's pretty cool .. good luck with sale
  6. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1970 AMX for sale or trade(for B or E body mopar)

    You may also want to consider advertising the very nice looking Fury over at For C bodies Only ... check the site out and make up your own mind.
  7. tallhair

    SOLD 1964 d200 css

    I figured out how to remove the icon 5.7. That is a BADASS truck and I'd say well worth the asking $ GLWS
  8. tallhair

    1977 Powerwagon+1977 Tradesman-Parts

    Please use the PM tool instead of bringing 2012 posts back to life.
  9. tallhair

    SOLD 1968 Ford Mustang V8 - California Black Plate Car

    no commentary or price discussion in ads allowed per forum rules. Ask pertinent questions about the car only - communicate via pm on price.
  10. tallhair

    SOLD 1966 chevy 2 nova 2 dr

    That takes me back. A friend had a nice red one in HS
  11. tallhair

    SOLD '67 Chrysler Imperial Sedan

    That is sweet. Have you advertised it on FCBO yet? Those guys are a tough crowd but they love their C bodies
  12. tallhair

    SOLD 1952 dodge grain truck, southern indiana

    Hey Batcoronet what are you gonna do with it? I'd be interested in seeing some photo's
  13. tallhair

    FOR TRADE WTT Custom 1948 Ford convertible.

    Good luck very nice looking ride
  14. tallhair

    SOLD Buick SW Vista Cruser

    Post the link and a price here per the rules please
  15. tallhair

    SOLD >>> A Body <<< 1970 Dodge Dart ( H Code ) <<<

    Can you list a price here to as well please and a link to your build thread that was mentioned? I don't want to assume what your current price is but I looked at the link.
  16. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1951 Chysler Imperial complete car for sale

    Cool car but " no phone / email in ads - please read the rules and use PM " Good luck with the sale.