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  1. toolmanmike

    Happy 426 Day

  2. toolmanmike

    72 Roadrunner for sale Not mine

    A friend was cruising through this small town in NE Iowa and saw this one for sale. VIN says 400 2 barrel. It looks solid.
  3. toolmanmike

    Barbara Walters won't be down for breakfast.

    Barbara Walters, legendary news anchor, has died at 93 | CNN
  4. toolmanmike

    Le Beau won't be down for tea.

    Le Beau from Hogan's Heros passed away. He was a Holocaust survivor.
  5. toolmanmike

    Robbie Coltrane passed away

    You know him. Hagrid in the Harry Potter movies. RIP
  6. toolmanmike

    Happy Easter

  7. toolmanmike

    The Little Red Wagon video from our local track

    This one just surfaced. It was shot at our local drag strip (still in business) Thanks to old home movies getting reintroduced on You Tube.
  8. toolmanmike

    SGBARRACUDA has left us

    It was posted on FABO that he passed away last weekend of natural causes. What a nice fellow and a great member. He will be missed. RIP Roy!
  9. toolmanmike

    Al Unser Sr's last lap

    Al Unser Sr. passed away at 82 RIP Al.
  10. toolmanmike

    The way I want it

    A conversation with one of my A body buddies who went to a funeral celebration today, and my response below. Remember that guys! Thanks!
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    How's everybody doing. Mom fell early yesterday (she's 94) and broke her pelvis in numerous places. It looks like it will be a month or so of healing and rehab. Damn, not looking forward to getting any older than I am. I moved this to General from Gold and lost a couple posts. Thanks for the...
  12. toolmanmike

    Wanting to buy a part?

    Start a WTB thread (want to buy) If you start a thread somewhere else it will probably be deleted without a notification. Thanks
  13. toolmanmike

    Happy Hemi Day 4/26

    I hope you all have a Happy Hemi Day today.
  14. toolmanmike

    64 Dodge 440 Hardtop near Minneapolis NOT MINE

    I caught this on Facebook and thought I would pass it on. I hope to have a 64 one day but I don't need a project car. This one looks pretty solid and it looked pretty good before it was taken apart.
  15. toolmanmike

    Tiger Woods car crash

    Hot off the presses!
  16. toolmanmike

    Edelbrock cutting back?
  17. toolmanmike

    Not mine: 63 Dodge 330 Wagon for sale

    A friend has a 63 Wagon for sale. He brought it back from Arizona and it is quite solid. I can provide contact information if you are interested. Oh he has a Hemi Super stocker for sale too.
  18. toolmanmike

    New roof video

    We put a new roof on the old house. We replaced 99 year old clay tile with Certainteed Matterhorn steel roofing. Not for the faint of heart (or checkbook) but it turned out nice. The black and white photo is from 99 years ago.
  19. toolmanmike

    Items wanted in non-wanted threads

    To the original poster, if you post a item wanted in a non-wanted thread the thread will be deleted. Thank you.
  20. toolmanmike

    Paul Harvey - The Policeman

    Take a few moments to watch and listen.