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  1. toolmanmike

    Fixed! Wasn't the ballast resistor... See pics.

    Cheap at twice the price. That old harness would make Smokey Bear blush. It was a fire hazard!
  2. toolmanmike

    Ballast Resistor

    Contact @HALIFAXHOPS for a good one.
  3. toolmanmike

    Looking for a hot wire during key on and crank

    A test light on the starter relay terminals.
  4. toolmanmike

    ignition module questions

    There should be a 360 cast into the block to the rear of the motor mounts. There is a machined pad on the deck surface, drivers side, just below the head.
  5. toolmanmike

    ignition module questions

    Nope. 360's were 2 bolt but what ever. Hopefully Halifaxhops stops by and comments.
  6. toolmanmike

    ignition module questions

    What engine is in your car?
  7. toolmanmike

    ignition module questions

    It's electronic Ignition for sure but not Chrysler electronic. @HALIFAXHOPS what is this thing? Looks like a Ford.
  8. toolmanmike

    ignition module questions

    It could have a Pertronix in it. I see non factory connectors on the coil and the OP mentioned that it doesn't have a ballast resistor. If it has 2 wires coming out of the dist. housing it probably has been converted. Time to pop the cap for a look see.
  9. toolmanmike

    ignition module questions

    That's a voltage regulator you pictured. . If your car is a 67 and the distributor is original it will have a points type distributor.
  10. toolmanmike

    Best source for "Orane ECU"?

    No what I fixed is pnora's post. He said to unhook the vacuum to the distributor and try it. I fixed his statement by adding"and plug it" . You never just disconnect the advance hose without plugging it with a golf tee or the like. No reason to introduce a vacuum leak. Re-read post #9.
  11. toolmanmike

    Best source for "Orane ECU"?

    Best source? @HALIFAXHOPS
  12. toolmanmike

    Voltage regulator number

    If it works, keep it. Probably better then a Napa replacement.
  13. toolmanmike

    Lets discuss headlights

    @Slantsixdan needs to read this thread. Comedy is a good thing. You know, there were good reasons why headlights were designed and wired the way they were for 75? years.
  14. toolmanmike

    Voltage Regulators

    That regulator makes the alternator put out a set amount regardless of your battery state of charge. When your battery is fully charged, it just keeps on charging.
  15. toolmanmike

    Bad ignition switch or relay???

    Wiggle the wires at the bulkhead connector and see if it starts.
  16. toolmanmike

    Are all ECUs created equal?

    Clean off the paint, install a star washer or a external ground wire. (or all the above)