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  1. tallhair

    SOLD 66-67 Charger/ Coronet Dog Dish

    Please use the thread tool to mark items SOLD when sold. It's at the top of the 1st Post in Ads
  2. tallhair

    SOLD Rallye Wheel Centers

    please use thread tools to mark threads sold
  3. tallhair

    SOLD For Sale: 15" Mopar rally wheels

    PM sent. Give me a call please
  4. tallhair

    SOLD Set of police wheels

    I'd say that's a very good deal. Good luck Bill
  5. tallhair

    FOR SALE Set of four Rallye wheels 2 15/8 and 2 15/7

    FYI those appear to be a uni-lug GM center style Rallye Wheel
  6. tallhair

    SOLD Five 15x7 Steel Black Painted Cop Car Wheels

    You need a price brother
  7. tallhair

    SOLD PLYMOUTH Division - Stainless Steel Dog Dish Hubcaps

    MOPAR PLYMOUTH DIVISION STAINLESS STEEL DOG DISH HUB CAPS. These are much less common than generic aluminum versions. Very nice driver quality but can be polished since they are stainless. $165 shipped to CONUS or will sell separately $50 each PM questions or offers with email and phone please
  8. tallhair

    SOLD 15" X 7" Cop Rims - Set of Four

    Click thread tools on your initial ad then select 'mark this thread sold' I did it for you
  9. tallhair

    SOLD Cragar S/S wheels 15x7/15x8

    There are details in the CL ad.
  10. tallhair

    SOLD Magnum 500's for sale

    Stellar looking ride brother. Love the color. I'm sure Budnicks will concur.
  11. tallhair

    SOLD Magnum 500's for sale

    I was so excited about that post I edited my comments above. GOOD LUCK ... should be sold. Consider my comments a bump brother :) Another P.S. maybe it's not clear ... HE ONLY WANTS $375 for two almost new 15 X 7 rallyes and 4 nearly new RWL Firestone Indy 500's. Yes they are skinny but wow.
  12. tallhair

    SOLD Magnum 500's for sale

    This is an absolutely incredible deal. I'm amazed if these are still available. It doesn't help you and I'm sorry about that but If you were within a couple hundred miles of me they would be sold. P.S. Post some pics of that awesome car in your avatar ... looks most excellent.
  13. tallhair

    Hubcaps!!! Hubacaps!!

    always thought the number 5 set was a cool look
  14. tallhair

    SOLD 15x7 rallye wheels

    thanks zr9b. i'd finally figured out bump and now there's new vocab for me to learn :)
  15. tallhair

    SOLD 15x7 rallye wheels

    what do the t's mean?
  16. tallhair

    15 x 8 cop wheels-74 sat tire size??

    good look with chrome lugs IMO .. go for the SC 8"'s though