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  1. tallhair

    k frame lightening?

    Cranky has some exertise in this area as I recall
  2. tallhair

    WARNING to all guys throwing insults, accusations and jibes.....

    Nice popeye doyle avatar .. it was the main character from reefer madness earlier wasn't it?
  3. tallhair

    Seriously, poll to see if you are a avid racer or once in awhile racer ***POLL****

    very cool cars. I'd like to hear and see some more of that 32 Plymouth
  4. tallhair

    Power or manual steering?

    I've driven both and prefer power but with firm feel steering sector .. especially with 4 speed, and especially if you do much stop and go/turning in city driving/driving around paring lots looking for a space etc where you are going slow and turning If you just back out and go for nice drives...
  5. tallhair

    Tagged the wall at 125+ MPH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    X2 and Nice kitty
  6. tallhair

    63 update #10 she's a roller!

    Looks great jet doc
  7. tallhair

    Who else can't afford this sport but

    I like watching the races but would rather just have a nice reliable and fast street car I can enjoy and drive to the races and shows, not that i'll enter but have fun driving to them and work and anywhere I want. I'd like to to be fast enough to represent well if i take it to a run what you...
  8. tallhair

    4 speed in your opinion?

    Damn that pic and vid are cool ironside ! Thanks
  9. tallhair

    4 speed in your opinion?

    Cranky it was a joke/comparison to mean someone who can shift a standard trans well in a drag race with the recognized (but not only) expert called out as an example. Chryco has never driven a manual before, as I read it, so the auto would be more consistent and a little quicker as a result...
  10. tallhair

    4 speed in your opinion?

    There I fixed it Cranky :)
  11. tallhair

    4 speed in your opinion?

    A 4 speed will be so much fun on the street but the auto will be more consistent and probably quicker on the strip unless you are Ronnie Sox LOL
  12. tallhair

    1968 Dodge Charger front fender marker light postion?

    This was two threads. Merged now. Incidentally RC and chargin' are both claimin' 12 inches apparently
  13. tallhair

    Low Deck Project - Seems Like a Deal

    That is a hell of a deal !!!
  14. tallhair

    Bad shimmy

    Front wheel bearings properly adjusted?
  15. tallhair

    How many of you remember this guy?

    Thanks for sharing those memories alley!
  16. tallhair

    How fast in 2014?

    I'm with Photon !