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  1. khryslerkid

    WTB Mopar 971 Oil pan

    Did you contact moparsaver? I see you copied one of his pics. FOR SALE - 971 oil pan New
  2. khryslerkid

    FOUND Looking for bronze tip fuel pump pushrod

    You're half right. There's only about twenty threads on here about worn down aftermarket pushrods. No problems with the original factory ones for the exception of one or two.
  3. khryslerkid

    FOUND Looking for bronze tip fuel pump pushrod

    I wonder if cutting them would remove the hardening that's applied when heat treating? Mancini is advertising the CompCam. Don't see backorder but you never know. Comp Cams Brass Fuel Pump Pushrod
  4. khryslerkid

    FOUND 742 case Sure Grip

    I had an open rear. Found a used Sure Grip for $450 (before the prices started going up). Ran that set for about a year and it was kind of noisy. By time I bought a new ring and pinion, bearings and clutches to rebuild it, I could have bought a complete new unit from Dr. Diff and been way ahead...
  5. khryslerkid

    WTB Schumacher Torque Strap TQ63B

    Dan I don't know if they are making any right now. Motor mounts are in short supply from them also. I did luck out on FleaBay and won this one for $62. Only had to make a 1/2" spacer and added the locking nuts on the adjuster. It's for a "E" body Big Block. Very close to a "B" Body but I...
  6. khryslerkid

    WTB 1965 Plymouth Sport Fury Tail Lights
  7. khryslerkid

    WTB 440 Crane Ductile Rocker Spacer

    The hold down tabs are too wide with those rockers.
  8. khryslerkid

    WTB 440 Crane Ductile Rocker Spacer

    Center your rocker tips over the valve stems. Install pushrods and check clearance going down through the head. Sometimes you have to split the difference. Don't be in a hurry. Spacers and assorted shims needed. I bought mine from Summit and Crane. I'm thinking .005 clearance between spacer and...
  9. khryslerkid

    SOLD 65 Transmission Mount?

    It's just called a crossmember. Hang in there, someone should have one on here. Here's one on Ebay, Seller is from your state too! Make him an offer...
  10. khryslerkid

    SOLD 65 Transmission Mount?

    Are you talking about the "black" piece in this picture?
  11. khryslerkid

    WTB 62 dodge dart or polara

    There's a scoop on flea bay... Here ya go. They didn't have hood scoops in 1962 but if I was going to use one I like this style.
  12. khryslerkid

    A word about Scammers

    Joey, the administrator on here, is just saying, be on the lookout for this type of message. It's happened lately by a new member. Not saying every new member would do this. It was a new member that did. It takes place on the Internet on all kinds of sites.
  13. khryslerkid

    WTB 413 wedge needed

    There's a '62 on eBay right now, carb to pan, ac, ps ect. Plus auto trans. Five days left on sale...