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  1. tallhair

    SOLD <Pending Sale> NEW Mopar Performance M1 Dual Plane P4532063 for RB Applications

    I am interested in this intake. Can I give you a call? Bryan
  2. tallhair

    SOLD A833 cast iron bell housing 11”

    @Moparrr Please list price per forum rules
  3. tallhair

    FOR SALE Air grabber cans

    Do you still have them?
  4. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1969 B-Body Reverse harness

    I’ll send you a Pm
  5. tallhair

    SOLD bb 933 oil pans/pickups

    I’d me interested in any extra pickups
  6. tallhair

    FOR SALE 22" recored radiator

    Can you show pictures of Top of Radiator tank and sides showing straps and where they attach?
  7. tallhair

    FOR SALE Strong 318 with a stud ball carb.

    ads require price and location Is this item yours? If so please say so
  8. tallhair

    SOLD 1969 440 airgrabber air cleaner

    Please use thread tools to mark threads SOLD when Sold. thanks
  9. tallhair

    SOLD 1966-69 B Body Transmission cross member with OE Bolts Automatic

    Please take this discussion to PM and or phone or email.
  10. tallhair

    SOLD 1969 Big Block Bellhousing

    FEDEX shipment scheduled for tomorrow. Thanks for the ad and thanks for looking FBBO
  11. tallhair

    SOLD 8 3/4 489 4.10 sure grip rebuilt

    This is posted above every comment / reply box in the ad forums ------------ Do Not Post email addresses or Phone Numbers in posts Commentary is NOT allowed in For Sale forums. Relevant questions ONLY! Please Click Here and read all the rules before posting in this forum Failure to obey these...
  12. tallhair

    SOLD 18 spline Hemi 4 speed

    yes it's been shortened See pics above
  13. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1970 B body OEM sway bars

    P.S. i'm fairly certain they are 70 B body sway bars. I'll check lenth next time I'm there I don't know if sway bars have casting numbers or not but will check that too. One or both might be off a GTX or R/T i.e. thicker 440 / Hemi bars
  14. tallhair

    FOR SALE 1970 B body OEM sway bars

    (2 EA) 1970 B body OEM sway bars / swaybars .. $95 EA Or PM me with an offer. Include email if you want the HD pics Thanks for looking and thanks FBBO
  15. tallhair

    FOR SALE Single Snorkel A / B / C / E Body Air Cleaners

    Diplomat Cop Car air Cleaner is SOLD.
  16. tallhair

    FOR SALE 68 / 69 B body OEM sway bar and Hemi leafs

    ugly but solid parts 2 sway bars .. one has one mounting bolt the other has none. both have mounting brackets - $95 EA 1 Set of 440 / Hemi / axle package leaf springs - $100 SET Or PM me with an offer PM me with email for HD pics and phone if you want to...
  17. tallhair

    FOR SALE LA, B, & RB OEM Cast Iron 4 BBL intakes

    PM me a reasonalbe offer