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  1. tallhair

    1968 Coronet R/T Convertible

    That’s too bad. Hopefully you’ll get back to it soon
  2. tallhair

    1968 Coronet R/T Convertible

    looking nice
  3. tallhair

    1968 Coronet R/T Convertible

    Me too
  4. tallhair

    1968 Coronet R/T Convertible

    Beautiful color, my favorite for 68 Coronets.
  5. tallhair

    1968 Coronet R/T Convertible

    Welcome If you do find any extra, solid 68 deck lids let me know haha
  6. tallhair

    Thanks for accepting me. I am Dave Murray and I own a 1970 Super Bee all numbers matching 440 six p

    Welcome from Illinois side of the river! We know same Dave Murray haha
  7. tallhair

    Hello! Awsome Site!

    Welcome and please start a build thread over in the members restos's and projects section !
  8. tallhair

    Wanted to say Hello

    Welcome from Mascoutah!
  9. tallhair

    New with a 69' Raodrunner Build from Cali.

    Welcome. Does it still have the fender tag and did you find a build sheet under the back seat bottom cushion?
  10. tallhair

    1970 Roadrunner build

    Welcome and cool car !
  11. tallhair

    1964 dodge polara 500

    Welcome to FBBO / This forum is just for welcoming new members I recommend you also start a thread in the "members projects and restorations" forum to show of your car/and or seek assistance in the tech forums
  12. tallhair

    New guy from IL

    Welcome from South of you
  13. tallhair

    New member from Illinois

    Welcome from Mascoutah, IL .. near STL
  14. tallhair

    hi. proud to be a new member. I'm tony and I have a 1972 dodge charger. it has a 400

    Welcome Tony. Can we see some pictures of your Dodge?
  15. tallhair


    Awesome cartoon cool name TOPCAT and welcome
  16. tallhair

    Family Heirloom

  17. tallhair

    Saying goodbye to a member

    Well said guys. Thanks for passing the word Bob
  18. tallhair

    Australian Maxi

    Welcome Nice cars and nice man cave
  19. tallhair

    My 1970 Plymouth Satellite 4-door

    Very cool Jenny. Welcome aboard and how fun is that thing to drive !
  20. tallhair

    New to Mopar and this forum

    Welcome Mike that's a beautiful R/T and a great color