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    Disc brake conversion help
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    Front disc conversion

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    Upper Ball Joint Help!

    Impact guns need a lot of air, most home compressors are too small.. That picture looks like an injury about to happen to both the person and the fenders... There comes a point where logic has to win out over a few bucks. Hope it comes soon.
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    1967 wiper motor #2808767 or 2808801

    @ns1aar Bruce is a member here also specializes in wipermotors.
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    Anchor point for shoulder belt?

    Just remember that if you don't reinforce the area down the the subframe/rocker area. It is little more than ornamental. The later cars had the shoulder belt were engineered to be an attachment point and the roof supports were reinforced to comply with US Federal Safety roll over standards. A...
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    Where the heck are all the used 14x5.5 large bolt pattern steel wheels at?

    A few cautions, make sure the lug seats are not damaged, very common and just an FYI for guys looking for 15". The centers are the same for the 14" and 15" they 15" outer has a step down in the stamping to fir the 14" center. Made lots of 15 " rallys' back when you couldn't get them and the 14"...
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    Did a 67 Coronet 500 come factory with a Hemi??

    Never say never when it comes to Mopar... "By 1967, Chrysler mandated that HEMIs could only be put in their badged muscle car models; i.e. the Charger, new-for-1967 Coronet R/T and the Plymouth Belvedere GTX. Still, a few lower trim level Coronets squeaked through the ranks with 426ci beasts...
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    66, 361 distributor cap color?

    The Presto-lite cap only works on their distributor, hence the question of whether you have a Mopar made or Presto-lite made distributor. Both were available. These things matter.
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    66, 361 distributor cap color?

    Presto-lite distributor ?
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    Re-arching old Mopar rear springs

    The assembly plants were just that, assembly plants. the parts were brought in from the sub-contractors who Manufactured the parts. The sub-contarctors frequently supplied more that one of the big 3. If you want authenticity, have your old oem parts re-arched, rebuilt. But it will be up to...
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    Paint inspection marks.