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  1. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Bushing installation

    Another very happy customer. Thank you for your business. Leo Waiting to hear back from the machine shop that manufactures the custom hinge parts for me. Material cost went up a lot this year . I will hold these prices for now.
  2. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Bushing installation

    Bushing were only used on the uppers which only locate the door, not support the weight. If the original hinges were intended to use a soft, brass bushing the factory would have used them. Explain why you have to modify the hinge so a bushing will fit. The factory hinges lasted for 50 years or...
  3. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Bushing installation
  4. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Bushing installation

    That is the difference between someone who does it daily verses someone who just buys parts and tries to figure it out. There is a reason that instructions don't come with these parts kits. They are not Factory, just put together by people who buy parts and then put them in a bag.
  5. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Bushing installation

    The 66 is a transitional, 1 year only hinge. It uses the 67 body side and the 65 door side hinge lower body. The spring is an "S" style with a roller. We must modify 67-up springs to fit the 65-down roller. Lots more work but same price.
  6. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Bushing installation

    After you drill out the hole(s) to fit the bushings, and/or file the hinge to fit the bushings lip, The hinge is now too thin to repair. These hinges were not designed to "rebuild". They were not intended to be used for 50 years. Cars were/are disposable. We have custom made oversized steel pins...
  7. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Bushing installation

    WRONG!!!!! The hinge was not designed for any bushings. There is no "right" way to do it with bushings. The correct procedure is an oversized pin fitted to the hinge. The brass bushing will fail and now the hinge pivot pin hole will be too big to accept a proper steel pin. The lower hinge...
  8. MoparLeo

    Factory Front to Rear Ride Height Difference - 1964 Polara

    Level to low in the rear. Ride height measured from under cars suspension.
  9. MoparLeo

    Disc Brake Conversions.....

    That is the grandad for factory front disc upgrading using all factory Mopar parts. No modifying or adapters. You will never need rear disc unless you like to drive mountain roads fast, or road race. Just keep your brakes adjusted, use nothing but quality brake parts and make sure to do a...
  10. MoparLeo

    Throttle Cable Too Short

    More likely that you will need to use a later cable attaching bracket that locates the cable further back and up higher since you are using an adapter plate that raises the whole assembly. The other problem is that it is a poly engine and little is available. The other option is getting a new...
  11. MoparLeo

    Wheel lug help

    Or you can do what Chrysler did. Put all r/h studs on it and never have a problem again. Many people have stripped/broken lug nuts/studs on L/H thread cars.
  12. MoparLeo

    Engine Number Mystery

    1964 361/383 block. only the bore size would be different. Could be bored either way. 4.120 or 4.250
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    Use the correct tools and get at least one helper to be safe. Especially if it is your first time.
  14. MoparLeo

    Introducing myself

    :welcome: aboard. Nice car.
  15. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Repair

    Congrats, you just did the "pin and bushing" job. The inner hinge(the part that bolts to the body) can now not ever be used without using a brass bushing because you drilled the hole out to about .420 . The standard oversize is .375 and the max oversize id .409 . The brass bushings never...
  16. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Repair

    The load is still on the contact points. That didn't change. The tubing would need to be welded to the body half of the hinge and the hole in the tube would need to be the exact same ID as the holes on the ends so that the pin would be rubbing on the entire length of the tube. The load is...
  17. MoparLeo

    Rear Springs

    Good excuse to get your car weighed. Go to the local feed/grain store, city dump, local truck stop etc..
  18. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Repair

    The contact area of the pin didn't change, so what is the advantage of putting a piece of tubing in the middle of the door side hinge body ? Looks impressive but it doesn't change the area of the pins contact unless you drill out the whole hinge to the new pins diameter and then weld the tube to...
  19. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Repair

    More to hinges than just pins though. Hope they were not AMD or Goodmark new. Taiwan.. not lasting
  20. MoparLeo

    Door Hinge Repair

    The hinge body is heat treated and you usually need a carbide drill to drill it. Then you need an oversized pin to go in the bigger hole. Anyway, this is what I do. There are really no rebuild kits, never were. I also have the springs and steel rollers. All custom parts. Prices good til June 1...