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  1. MoparLeo

    Advice on AC leak 1967 Coronet

    Make sure to use the proper oil and o-rings compatible with the type of refrigerant you are using. R-12 was the original and domestic production outlawed many years ago. Very expensive if you can find virgin Freon®. The newer refrigerant ( also being discontinued) used on most cars in the last...
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    Radiator Fan: Blow Towards Motor or Radiator?

    Most automobiles in the early 1900's were electric.
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    Hot water control valve question

    No. They are different on the a/c valve. Hose from thermostat is normally the in side to the heater core. The out side from the core runs to the water pump.. Thermo stat side nipple (1/2") is smaller than the water pump nipple. (5/8") Flow runs from into the left heater core fitting and out the...
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    Why the obsession with electric fans?

    The problem with cooling systems start when they aren't maintained properly and something on/in the engine gets changed. Everything under the hood was designed to work together. Just like a factory engine is. The problem starts when you start to "upgrade" parts . Soon you are chasing your tail...
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    your thoughts on thermostat function..

    Fan clutch, proper fan blade. fan should be at least have way into the shroud opening. Use a refractometer to properly measure the coolant %. 20° above means almost no coolant as normal freezing point at sea level is 32°. Use only distilled water. Ethylene Glycol. on cast iron head/block...
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    Radiator cap pressure?

    And have the cap and the cooling system pressure checked. New doesn't always mean it is good..
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    Can I take the A/C off?

    Please stop before you go to far. These are recommendations that have nothing to do with age. Always have a clean, clear and safe area to work. Use the proper tools. Have a place to store all the parts so they don't get lost. It always helps to have someone help you especially if they have some...
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    Fan belt tension best practices. All models and years.

    That info will be in the Factory Service Manual.
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    V belt slipping

    You are only showing the alternator but you said the same belt drives the a/c compressor. Is the slippage when the a/c is on or all the time regardless of the a/c being on ? Have you checked with a straight edge for proper pulley alignment ? Are the grooves on the aftermarket pulleys the same...
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    converting from 12R to 134

    If this is your first A/C service experience, seek some one with the proper equipment like a good vacuum pump, gauges, scale, etc..orings are a different matrerial as well. It would also be a great time to replace the hoses as they are also different internally from R134 systems.
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    71 Charger w/5.7 AC system (question)

    What are you really concerned about ? What aftermarket systems in particular did you not like and why ? A lot of money/time was put into these "systems" to make sure they perform well. There are differences in the old, oem R12 system and the current (for now) R-134. They operate at different...
  12. MoparLeo

    What coolant should i use if there is no conventional green available?

    Sorry, wrong link. Here is the correct one. What car are you putting this into and is itstill factory stock ? Or does it have aluminum block? heads? radiator?
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    Look at my coolant

    I would do the flush. What is the worst thing that can happen ? You spend a few dollars and you know the system is good. Peace of mind for me...
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    Refurbish or buy new system

    It also depends on how good you want your a/c system to work. The modern aftermarket kits from Vintage Air and others are 100% more effective than the older style.
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    Look at my coolant

    I use a Refractometer to check strength. 50% mix unless you live in very cold climate areas. There is a difference in recommended coolant types for iron block/heads and aluminum block/heads/radiators. Modern engines generally HOAT type coolant...
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    Aftermarket AC and Firewall Insulation Question

    What did Classic Auto Air recommend ?
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    Why is my AC box condensing and dripping?
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    Flushing Engine in Car

    The best way to flush the cooling system is with chemicals to break down the rust and corrosion. Pretty much need the system to hold the water. If you can put the old radiator back in and get a chemical flush kit. It requires filling the system with water and the chemicals and they need to be...
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    Why is my AC box condensing and dripping?

    Or you evacuate the system dry and recharge with the Measured/weighed amount of refrigerant that the a/c manufacturers recommend. This info is on the sticker in your engine compartment as well as your Factory Service Manual. The picture just shows an extreme amount of moisture for simple...
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    Why is my AC box condensing and dripping?

    Vent temp is going to depend on the ambient temp/humidity, airflow thru the condenser...And the engines temperature. A hot engine with effect the condenser temp as the radiator is right up against the condenser which is trying to remove the heat from the refrigerant. It is all a system that...