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  1. MoparLeo

    Help with AC

    It has pictures of the heater-a/c box from both the firewall side and passenger compartment side. If you have the rest of the vacuum hoses in their proper location it should not be hard to see where the manifold hose goes. Not to the control switch. Unless this is a restoration any hole in the...
  2. MoparLeo

    Help with AC

    A Factory Service Manual is always a big help when working on your car.
  3. MoparLeo

    Battery Charger Q????????

    As important as the voltage is the amperage. 2-6 amps is good. excess amps can damage the battery. Also best to charge battery out of the car. Charging creates hydrogen gas which is explosive and hydrochloric acid fumes that can damage paint, local metals.
  4. MoparLeo

    G70 Tires in ‘68

    Most tires were 14 " back then unless the car had factory disc brakes. When they were available depends on the brand/model. Firestone Wide Oval was first starting in 67 and later Goodyear Polyglas in 69. Closest modern size conversion of the 915-15 is a 235/75-15. The replacement size for the...
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    How many B/RB engines were produced?

    Correct answer...Not enough !
  6. MoparLeo

    How many B/RB engines were produced?

    Millions with stock manifolds and various routings. So depends on where you put #1 and index the distributor and your routing preference.
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    Firearm Friday

    Ronnie Barret and his wife sent me a picture on Christmas 1987 when I bought the first Barret in So Cal.
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    David Lindley Won't Be Down (dang)

    He was a friend of mine as well. Sold him a few target revolvers in the late 80's. He loved Japan. Funny guy. He had a recording studio in his house in Claremont, Ca. Sad to hear him go.. God bless Mr. Dave...
  9. MoparLeo

    Gold investing.

    There is a difference between buying a 1 oz. coin and 1 oz. ingot. Or a manufactured bullet or raw lead. Like buying a cooked egg and a raw egg. There is a cost for cooking or minting in the case of the coin. If you want to hedge against a falling dollar, you buy bullion not coins. Bullion can...
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    My First Weld

    We need to know what equipment you are using. Do not try to weld galvanized materials. Very toxic and metals won't mix.
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    Front wheel bearings

    Make sure to get the complete bearing/race sets and replace the races as well.
  12. MoparLeo

    Schumacher engine mounts

    Owners name is Chris Field.
  13. MoparLeo

    PayPal Fraud Attempt?

    PAY-PAL emails use your actual name, fakes use your email or other name
  14. MoparLeo

    PayPal Fraud Attempt?

    Forward the email to [email protected]
  15. MoparLeo

    Title and Registration

    As someone once said "Trust, but verify" Its your money, verify it yourself.
  16. MoparLeo

    Title and Registration

    Instead of second or third hand information, just contact the DMV or equivalent in the states that you are dealing with. Straight from the horses mouth. Sometimes hard to get info sometimes but that is the best source. Some insurance companies like AAA have DMV services for their members.
  17. MoparLeo

    Flax water bag for cooling an engine?

    Let's just say that like most things on the old days, they were multi-purpose. My dad and grandfather had water bags that dripped in front of the radiators of their old Dodges as we crossed the deserts from California into New Mexico. People mostly used water instead of any kind of coolant...
  18. MoparLeo

    Starting SR 71-71 Engines

    A-12 Oxcart and SR-71 Blackbird are the best !!
  19. MoparLeo

    Science quiz: What's the difference in using crude oil?

    Wars are for population control. You take all the fertile males and send them out to die. The women don't have time to raise children because they are the ones working to replace the missing male workforce. Been that way since time began. The next war should be a real population adjustment...