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  1. MoparLeo

    Trans and rear end question

    The 5 speed NAG1 transmissions are plentiful and inexpensive. The 8 speeds used currently are $$$, computer controlled and require major surgery on the trans tunnel and related area. Really getting a donor post 2015 Challenger would be the ideal candidate. It would have all the little parts that...
  2. MoparLeo

    Trans and rear end question

    Depends on how much you want to spend. Putting a small block 727 behind it only requires a special flex plate.
  3. MoparLeo

    Gen III Hemi crate

    If your looking at a more stock engine. There are a couple of new 5.7 Mopar 5.7 in the box for $3500.00 each.
  4. MoparLeo

    Wiper Motor Issue

    May have to use a 2 speed wiper motor just like the Shaker setups use.
  5. MoparLeo

    ECM location?

    Good air circulation never hurts electrical components.
  6. MoparLeo

    tti header question

    The only people who really know are the ones who made them ...Just contact them.
  7. MoparLeo

    5.7 Hemi (2004) shortcomings

    My 2006 5.7 dropped the valve seats @80k . They give no warning. Has nothing to do with rpm, temperature/overheating . Happens on start-up after recent drive ( 15 + minutes ). That metal coffee can full of nuts and washers sound.... At least go with later 5.7 heads or aftermarket with valve...
  8. MoparLeo

    5.7 Hemi (2004) shortcomings

    The 5.7 upgrades consist of new dimension valve seats, oil pump, timing chain/gear set. At that mileage though you might just consider a new crate motor. Everything is new, warranted and upgraded.
  9. MoparLeo

    5.7 reliability issues?

    The most well known defect on the 5.7 is the valve seats falling out of the heads. This happens at an avg. of 80k-100k . Always occurs when starting engine after driving for a short period of time. Never when driving or acceleration. It is unrelated to overheating. Ask me how I know. I have a...
  10. MoparLeo

    GEN 3 radiator size for Swap?

    Open up to 26" . Now is the best time. You will need to get your trans first and then modify the tunnel. Go Gen III . Great availability and low prices. The Magnum heads had a bad problem with cracking between the seats. Aftermarket heads are a must to even stay with a stock rebuild. Been out...
  11. MoparLeo

    5.7 Top End Clatter

    I believe the oil pump upgrade was made by Mellings. And as mentioned above, do you have the MDA system reinstalled ? Or did they just use an 06 block for the rebuild ? Did you supply the core or did they ? Rebuilt heads ? They reuse damaged combustion chamber heads if they don't leak.
  12. MoparLeo

    5.7 Top End Clatter

    Compression/leak down test.:praying:
  13. MoparLeo

    5.7 Top End Clatter

    Did the rebuilder do the updates to the valve seats, oil pump, timing chain/gear set ? Not necessarily related to your problem but are a possible future concern. I have experience the dropped valve seats myself. Total head destruction. Happened on start up.
  14. MoparLeo

    5.7 Hemi Valve Seat Issues

    It only has to happen once. Or you can wait for it to happen. Heads are much cheaper than an engine. Just saying.
  15. MoparLeo

    5.7 Hemi Valve Seat Issues

    The problem is definitely with the 5.7 Hemi. Nothing to do with overheating or anything else you can try to blame it on. Pure and simple, the valve seats don't have sufficient interference fit to hold them in tight. The seat problem always happens when just starting the car after being driven...