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  1. MoparLeo

    WTB Wiper motor

    Or contact Bruce at Ns1aar He is a member, excellent work
  2. MoparLeo

    WTB two Bf Goodrich Radial TA's 295-50-15 tires.

    So you are looking specifically for T/A radials. It helps to give more info on what you are trying to accomplish like rim sizing, brakes etc... or just ESP I guess...
  3. MoparLeo

    WTB two Bf Goodrich Radial TA's 295-50-15 tires.

    You said BFG tires but didn't say which model of tire. Are you trying to match lettering or tread patterns ?
  4. MoparLeo

    WTB 72 Wiper motor

  5. MoparLeo

    WTB Looking to Buy - Polyglas F60-L60 New

    I don't think thy make those in a radial tire yet. only FR70-14
  6. MoparLeo

    WTB 3 Speed wiper motor

    @ns1aar Contact Bruce he is a member with over 25 years doing these.
  7. MoparLeo

    FOUND Late 68 3 speed wiper motor Bruce @ns1aar is a member. Over 20 years doing wiper motors.
  8. MoparLeo

    WTB Rims 5 on 5

    Ford f-100's, Jeep and big 50's Chryslers used -5 on 5 1/2" 5 on 5 is a GM bolt pattern ^0's Cadillac and 1/2 ton 5 lug GM trucks like smaller Blasers etc... A wheel is more than a bolt pattern. Offsets, register size etc...are as important for fit. What is it for ?
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    FOUND 727 kickdown carburetor rod

    Is it the original 67 Coronet, 318 linkage ? 727 never came with a 318
  10. MoparLeo

    FOUND 727 kickdown carburetor rod

    Every thing is too short on a 2 to 4 barrel manifold conversion. The linkage setups where different almost every year. year of car and engine and linkages.
  11. MoparLeo

    WTB Mopar wheels

    He said $500-700 budget. "rims with new or low mileage tires". Not just tires or just wheels....
  12. MoparLeo

    WTB Mopar wheels

    Good luck with that budget for tires AND wheels. Beware of out of date tires if you do find a cheap package deal. Over 5 years, good safely for show only. Last 4 numbers of DOT code is week and year made. If only has 3 numbers at the end, it is at least 21 years old as they changed to 4 numbers...
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    WTB Need a Magnum 5.9 block

    92-2003 5.9 was strictly a truck motor as was the 2003-2004 Gen III 5.7 Hemi
  14. MoparLeo

    WTB 67 Driver side lower door hinge and upper

    You shouldn't need a part number. They were the same for all B-body 67-70 front lower. As well as all 67-76 A-body front lower.
  15. MoparLeo

    WTB 67 Driver side lower door hinge and upper

    We don't sell parts or partials.
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    WTB 1967 GTX wiper motor

    Contact Bruce @ ns1aar . He is a member that specializes in wiper motors and their restoration for over 20 years.
  17. MoparLeo

    WTB On the hunt for a wheel

    Are you looking for Exactly that wheel ? If so what is the width and a close up picture of the valve stem area will have all the codes that are needed to match it.
  18. MoparLeo

    WTB 340 ta rockers

    Don't use a 273 rocker. Not the same. Some people will try to tell you they are interchangable. Not so...