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  1. PurpleBeeper

    Wheel Stud questions

    Left handed lugs go on the driver's side of 70-72 Mopars, so I think you're correct
  2. PurpleBeeper

    I know know, another will it fit thread….

    On my 70 Roadrunner, I ran 15x10 wheels with 4-5/8" backspacing (tires? can't remember) with super stock springs (similar to your +2"). I "rolled" the outer fender well lips and they still hit the sidewalls with passengers in the back or angle/hill/turns like pulling into an odd gas station...
  3. PurpleBeeper

    Valve Stem Caps (not so simple anymore)

    I just use plastic caps....the free ones you find near air pumps at gas stations (seriously)
  4. PurpleBeeper

    Rear wheel back spacing 67 Belvedere II

    There are aftermarket "custom offset" factory looking wheels. I can't remember where I got mine, but I've got 8" wide steel rims and take factory hubcaps
  5. PurpleBeeper

    Cheese grater hub caps?

    dude....I've got a set of those too and they look killer. I ran those for years until I found a set correct for my year. Tip, get some model paint and repaint the outer low parts of the ridges...they'll look awesome
  6. PurpleBeeper

    10" wheel with et80 275s

    4.5" backspacing on 10" Centerlines is tight enough you need to trim the inside lip of the wheel wells, fyi
  7. PurpleBeeper

    Goodyear Polyglas GT E and F-70-14 tires

    Gee, nobody should ever drive on those tires. If they're not original equipment on some car, then they're worth -$20 (disposal fee). If you can verify they're original on something, they'd be worth something to someone.
  8. PurpleBeeper

    White Letters on tires

    White shoe polish
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    I always put WD-40 on my aluminum wheels in the winter while driving in salt/snow. It looks like hell, but when you wash it off in the Spring the aluminum is not pitted. at least a little bit careful if you "scrub" the magnesium since magnesium bits can burst into flames. Never...
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    Is that salt pitting?
  11. PurpleBeeper

    Rallye Wheels

    I'll take a guess....the '69 Roadrunner & Super Bee????
  12. PurpleBeeper

    17 inch tire sizes for 71 RR

    I don't know your answer (somebody here probably does). There are charts online that show various tire's height + width. fyi-all 235/15's (for example) are really close in size, but vary slightly brand-to-brand. can probably find out on this site what are the largest 15" tires...
  13. PurpleBeeper

    Help me ID these lug nuts!

    I've had the best luck at O'Reilly on that. They carry a HUGE selection of lug nuts in stock.
  14. PurpleBeeper

    Front tire size question

    There are some real tire experts on this website....I just own a 70 RR & am putting new tires on it. Is it possible for you to get a set of 8" rims on the back & narrower up front? I "think" the original 70 RR optional wheels were 15"x7". A good starting point might be to see if you can...
  15. PurpleBeeper

    Front tire size question

    Owning a 70 Roadrunner, I'm 99% sure that tire won't fit up front....I mean, it would fit if you never want to turn your wheels, but driving the car, I don't think so. I've come up with "roughly" a 28" diameter MAX tire up front & that's only on a stock steel wheel. It looks to me like a...
  16. PurpleBeeper

    Spare Tire Strategy

    You're right....I couldn't remember the exact tire size number, but 28" sounds about right. Should I maybe have said 275/60R15 for the rear?
  17. PurpleBeeper

    Spare Tire Strategy

    I plan to have the same diameter front/rear tires & I've already bought my spare tire. I also have limited-slip, don't want to burn out the rear end & want to have one spare tire that will fit anywhere on the car. I "think" it's 255/60R15 rear and 235/70R15 in front ?????? Just check the tire...
  18. PurpleBeeper

    Best Way to Repaint Hub Caps?

    That's a reasonable approach. I'm assuming you're not saying to just spray the ENTIRE hubcap black & I should at least tape of the large areas that don't get painted at all, right? What about the "PLYMOUTH" letters? Paint brush? One of those tiny little toothpick brushes with the mini-cotton...