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  1. Hemirunner

    Power rear windows 2 Dr HT

    Are the 68 and up regulators that much different that they couldn’t be made to work?Nu-relic power windows
  2. Hemirunner

    Wanted: Hemi Engine and Carb Tuner in Tampa Area

    He was referring to Don Garlits.
  3. Hemirunner

    removing spot welds on quarter trunk extension?

    Shortened shaft on spotweld cutter in a right angle air drill would probably do it.
  4. Hemirunner

    body on frame clean up and paint ?

    This is what I'm going to use and I'm painting the top the same color as the bottom!:eusa_dance:
  5. Hemirunner

    anyone put in a headliner ?

    I've done several. It's not real difficult.