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  1. 493 Mike

    Cowl Gauges

    I have had mine since 1982. Mike
  2. 493 Mike

    1966 Charger Torque Converter 727 /426 Need to source one

    Rebuilding automatics for decades always with rebuilt converters, I never had any issues with rebuilt torque converters. Last one I did came from Rock Auto. Mike
  3. 493 Mike

    66 poly air cleaner

    Don't forget Nick's web site: Nick's Garage - Air Cleaner Identification Mike
  4. 493 Mike

    Door Fuzzy replacement 2 dr hard top

    Are you talking about the halves that staple to the door panels? My set came with staples so, I drilled holes in the weather strips and installed all the staples in their original positions. Not hard, just time consuming. Mike
  5. 493 Mike

    Door Fuzzy replacement 2 dr hard top

    Hire someone to do the job? Mike
  6. 493 Mike

    66 belvedere hand brake install

    I think that assembly is riveted. So, you shouldn't have to. Send me a photo/s so we are on the same page. Mike
  7. 493 Mike

    66 belvedere hand brake install

    I was assuming the 66 was the same as the 65, if so, depress the pedal to access the bumper.
  8. 493 Mike

    66 belvedere hand brake install

    I think you need to remove the rubber bumper to gain the clearance/stroke necessary for cable removal. Be VERY careful to save the bumper. I haven't found any replacement for it. Mike
  9. 493 Mike

    Speedo calibration

    Check with these guys. Mike Speedometer Repair Tachometer Clock and Gauge Restoration for Musclecars and Vintage Automobiles
  10. 493 Mike

    66 Coronet with fresh 512 finally finished

    Great sound! It feels real good to complete a project. I'm seeing light at the end of my own tunnel! Mike
  11. 493 Mike

    Trunk torsion springs

    I worked with NAPA to find the correct capacity struts for my situation. Unless you had identical weight and leverage conditions to me you would need something different. I went thru 3 different models before finding the correct ones. I would start at 100#. Check out my thumb. I swore I was in...
  12. 493 Mike

    Trunk torsion springs

    I did: Mike
  13. 493 Mike

    Worse than I thought

    Well, you opened the can! Good luck with the job! Mike
  14. 493 Mike

    Brake Lines - Type??

    As I usually recommend, make your own. I would use the copper/nickel alloy material as it won't rust and bends easily. Mike
  15. 493 Mike

    NEEDED: new tinted side glass and rear window - available? - where? thnx

    Don't you have any local window tint film shops? Mike
  16. 493 Mike

    Anchor point for shoulder belt?

    If you add a roll bar it's pretty easy. When I realized how very little metal was attaching the roof to the body I decided I needed a bar. Mike
  17. 493 Mike

    Window regulator fun coming soon

    When I went through my 65 Coronet, one of the items on my to do list was the window regulators. I pulled all 4, one at a time, and solvent cleaned, dried, and lubed. Pulling them out proved to be worthwhile. Put in new fuzzies at the same time. That was when I was recovering from my second neck...
  18. 493 Mike

    Gated shifter for console car suggestions

    See if Lokar has something you fancy. Mike
  19. 493 Mike

    Water Pump to Rad distance

    In the 66 model year Chrysler moved the engine further to the rear, opening up more room in the front (approximately 1 3/4"). Mike
  20. 493 Mike

    Carter 0-2361 carb rebuild

    I believe your carb can be serviced as a 4113SA thru 4116SA (4 carbs in this series). The kits usually service several different models to cut down on inventories. Mike