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  1. 493 Mike

    Original Owner 68 Charger Daily Driver

    I like the way the blacked out license plate looks like a parachute! Mike
  2. 493 Mike

    Trailer Hitch

    This is a photo of a Draw Tite hitch for a 1971 Charger. Mike
  3. 493 Mike

    Muffler recommendations?

    I put some Rock Auto cheapo glass pack mufflers on my 65 Coronet 318 Poly motor and I love the sound. After getting up to cruise speed you can barely hear them. Not that I can hear much anymore! Nice sound at idle. Mike
  4. 493 Mike

    Headliner Install

    I'm thinking about doing mine on the rotisserie. Good idea? Mike
  5. 493 Mike

    Why would anyone leave this car to rot outside?

    I have a 71 Charger R/T sitting a mile from my home rotting into the ground. I tried twice to buy it but, as usual, the owner was going to "restore" it. Red with black vinyl top and interior:(. Mike
  6. 493 Mike

    Off to the body & paint shop today

    I'll just add: good luck! Mike
  7. 493 Mike

    1970 R/T

    Look for rust under that vinyl roof. Mike
  8. 493 Mike

    68 Unsilenced Air Cleaner Finish

    On a side note: aren't you choking that Hemi with that Slant Six air cleaner? Mike