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  1. 68 HEMI GTS

    Max wedge six pack

    Pretty neat dyno test. They took an rb six pack intake, welded it up, ported it to a set of 270 heads. It made pretty good power. It was still down quite a bit though from a big single plane and a dominator. (That test is also on YouTube)
  2. 68 HEMI GTS

    Twisted axle motorsports

    A little video a new friend of mine put together. He did a track rental back in late summer so me and a 2 buddies went up and ran our cars with his club. I had my roadrunner. My friend Tim had the 70’Dart, and my other good friend has the 67 post Belvedere. All just street cars, many of them...
  3. 68 HEMI GTS

    Unplanned outing with the roadrunner

    Some friends of mine “twisted axle car club” of Detroit did a track rental at ubly dragway in the thumb of michigan a few weeks back. I had planned to run my dads 69 Dart (that I’ve been trying to get sorted out for him). Right before I was going to load the car I realized the front coil over...
  4. 68 HEMI GTS

    Tossed the dominator on the roadrunner today.

    Sounds pretty good, a few adjustments and it idled right down. Pulled a hole shot infront of the house and it spun right up. 10 minutes later the cops rolled by.. :realcrazy: I’ll put the 02 meter in it this week and dial the cruise and WOT in. Be ready for my dads dart once I freshen the motor!
  5. 68 HEMI GTS

    Been a long 5 months

    fired up the chicken today and moved it around. Also found this video on the camera from October. It’s cleaner than the phone video I’ve posted previously.
  6. 68 HEMI GTS

    No ET this Saturday

    plan on going out and making a few hits on the rr. Only time they will let me run it without dinging me for not having a cage, harnesses, yadayada. Haven't ran it with the PTC converter yet, so we will see how that goes. It may be a bit on the tight side for good ET. Also put a 2" carb spacer on...
  7. 68 HEMI GTS

    Got something cool

    from plumwagon on here. Gonna use it on my dads dart but, I may stick it on the roadrunner for a few weeks just to try it out. Guess we'll have to see.. gonna go a few things to it such as lowering the IFR's and making the transfer slot restriction adjustable.
  8. 68 HEMI GTS

    Got one pass yesterday

    wanted to make a pass with the j converter before I pulled it. Unfortunately I didn't get to play much. Made one pass, car left really hard with the left front way up. It felt kind of out of control actually so pulled it back to 1/2 throttle for a split second to settle the front. 60ft and 1/8...
  9. 68 HEMI GTS

    First hit of the year

    It left the house without a trailer... :(
  10. 68 HEMI GTS

    If a double pumper is good

    Then a triple pumper must be better...:drama:
  11. 68 HEMI GTS

    What tubbing / cage bender??

    what are you do it yourselfers using? I was looking at a jd2. I plan on adding some bars to the dart and want to bend them myself. Plus I have some other future projects in mind. Thanks
  12. 68 HEMI GTS

    Ran with the 4150 carb

    Took the roadrunner out today with a 1050an on a tm6. It's pretty damn close to the six pack, may have squeaked a bit more if I would have jetted up. I leaned it on the hsab 1 size to see where I was at and it slowed down. All in all it was a good day, drive it to the track, hammered it, and...
  13. 68 HEMI GTS

    Workin on the Dart "The thread"

    had a few hours today in the garage. Trans is out, motor is ready to come out. Not sure what the timeline will be. Not in a huge hurry, if it takes a few years to get it back together I'm good with that. A little background, I machined and built this motor in my mid 20's on a tight budget...
  14. 68 HEMI GTS

    Bounced from the track

    Finally had a free moment to take the road runner out for a test and tune with the new motor. Left work a bit early, loaded my lawn chairs and cooler in the trunk and drove it out to Milan. Wasn't sure exactly what to expect. She is a very stock bodied car, everything works including the heater...
  15. 68 HEMI GTS

    monster mopar norwalk

    anyone going? think i'm gonna run the road chicken this year. stop buy and have a cold one!
  16. 68 HEMI GTS

    mopars at milan

    anyone going? probably run the roadrunner this year. haven't had a chance to get the dart sorted out since i put the tunnel ram on it. Plus the roadrunner is easy, i'll drive it out their. probably do my usual sat morning mcD's drive through too!! although i usually gotta shut it off at the...
  17. 68 HEMI GTS

    lets try a tunnel ram

    figure without some major changes i've about maxed out the ET on the dart. best its been is 10.30 @ 131. thats with the MP cross ram and the 770 carbs. We tried some 850's on it but the distribution really isn't for crap on that intake. to really get it to be right with the bigger carbs was...
  18. 68 HEMI GTS

    first bracket race with the roadrunner

    took the roadrunner out last Sunday for the last bracket race at the local track for the year (first time racing with the roadrunner). kind of nice to just go out and get in the car and drive out without even thinking about a trailer. even hit the McD's drive through on the way to the track. Put...