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  1. 68 HEMI GTS

    Shop heat

    I run a normal forced air house furnace in mine. Works well. Had the same set up at my old place. Put its own LP tank outside.
  2. 68 HEMI GTS

    Science quiz: What's the difference in using crude oil?

    Almost 20 years in operations myself. Good to see someone else with refining experience!
  3. 68 HEMI GTS

    Science quiz: What's the difference in using crude oil?

    Sweet crude is thinner than sour crude. But I know from experience, not YouTube.
  4. 68 HEMI GTS

    Science quiz: What's the difference in using crude oil?

    See my above post, they didn’t put sour crude in a vehicle and run it. Trust me. You would have a gummed up, plugged up, wet tar’y mess that doesn’t burn. It’s complete bs. So if they made something work it was staged. Or I dont understand the test, it surely wouldn’t work with any kind of...
  5. 68 HEMI GTS

    Science quiz: What's the difference in using crude oil?

    Sour crude is extremely nasty. Has H2S, water, emulsion, it’s acidic. Sour crude contains everything from asphalt based material, gas oils, diesel, jet, naptha (gasoline), along with butane, propane, and ethanes, not to mention all the debris. Raw crude is not going to run in your car. Problem...
  6. 68 HEMI GTS

    Anyone else plan engine builds?

    I would never start any build using a 361 block. Right off the bat you’ve really limited yourself with valve size on the cylinder heads and bore shrouding due to the small bore. Yes I like to plan combo’s but I’m also willing to scrap ideas when they don’t make sense. So many readily available...
  7. 68 HEMI GTS

    Front End FRIDAY!!!

  8. 68 HEMI GTS

    Sell me on CalTracs

    actually a bit more power, and I do agree with the are they necessary. My 4000# with me 69 road runner goes in the 10’s on some factory bias springs with nothing trick at all other than drag shocks and an adjustable snubber. Anything can work with enough tweaking, especially at the slower ET’s...
  9. 68 HEMI GTS

    Sell me on CalTracs

    I was able to get my old all iron hemi to launch well with caltracs and be super consistent and reliable. Drove it on the street as well!
  10. 68 HEMI GTS

    69 Roadrunner post or no post

    Mines a post, I prefer the hardtops though..
  11. 68 HEMI GTS

    Return line

    Return line is perfect for a street car to keep the fuel cool. Is it needed to run 11’s, nope
  12. 68 HEMI GTS

    4 barrels and intakes are over rated on a street car

    This thread is comical. Obviously some very piss pour running engines out there when we’re talking about 16 sec 318 2 barrels being fast... :rofl:
  13. 68 HEMI GTS

    Home Security Systems Cameras etc

    I put in mesh internet (erro’s) before I installed mine. My barn is probably 150ft away as well. I ended up putting the main communicator for the blink in my bedroom which seemed to be the best place to keep the cameras from dropping out at the barn. I’ve been tweaking the sensitivity. I have 5...
  14. 68 HEMI GTS

    Home Security Systems Cameras etc

    I just put up blink wireless around my place. Very happy with them so far. I wanted to cover several access doors to the house and garage but wouldn’t have any good way to hard wire.
  15. 68 HEMI GTS

    Is moparts no more?

    I don’t think that’s a fair assessment on the bad advice. You had numerous people tell you it wouldn't fit. Then comes a guy with a friend who had one that supposedly worked 30+ years ago. You chose to follow that 1 individuals advice and ignore the consensus of several knowledgeable people.
  16. 68 HEMI GTS

    426 pics on 4-26

  17. 68 HEMI GTS

    "The Speedshop" Toledo, Ohio - If you're local, check it out

    yes, the one on front is going strong
  18. 68 HEMI GTS

    definition of a "street car"

    my rr does all that. Even has a working heater. Put the Kidd’s car seats in the back all the time. It’s a tad faster than 11.50’s though, it did that with a 440. :)
  19. 68 HEMI GTS

    I work 4 10's what do you work?

    DuPont swing shift 12’s. The switching shifts gets old with age.