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  1. 68 HEMI GTS

    Drag radials

    I run the pro M/T’s on my roadrunner, they hold the power ok. Still gotta watch it cause if they go up at 40 mph you’re going for a ride.
  2. 68 HEMI GTS

    Drag radials

    You will soon find out that about anything you put on that car is going to be useless for traction other than a straight up bias ply hoosier QTP or drag slick. Those Toyo’s arnt going to be **** with real power.
  3. 68 HEMI GTS

    Tallest drag radial 69 roadrunner

    I see they changed the design. Im not sure if they are the same dimensions. Mine are toast. I want to put a new set on some 10’s but I’m skeptical they’ll fit
  4. 68 HEMI GTS

    Tallest drag radial 69 roadrunner

    yours on a 10” wheel?
  5. 68 HEMI GTS

    Cheater Slicks

    I like the Hoosier QTP’s. Run them on both my cars street and strip. I do also have a pair of drag radials for the runner. They don’t hook as good but they cruise around a lot better for long drives.
  6. 68 HEMI GTS

    Cooper Cobras good tires for ???

    They’re fine for driving around. They will never “hook” any real amount of power. That’s not what they were designed for.
  7. 68 HEMI GTS

    Best street tire traction

    what have you broken?
  8. 68 HEMI GTS

    Big tires and a back seat on a 66 belvedere

    Usually a mini tub isn't too big of a deal on the rear seat. I still have the back seat in my dart. Very minimal trimming to get it back in.
  9. 68 HEMI GTS

    Mixing Radial and Bias Ply Tires

    I run radials on the front of my rr. I've ran both radials and bias on the back. No real issues that I've ever noticed. Radials do drive a bit better, but didn't hook as well on my application. I drive it all over the place with the bias on the back and radials on the front..
  10. 68 HEMI GTS

    '69 Coronet Drag Radial Recommendation

    those have more room than my roadrunner. i have a 325-50-15 on a 15*8 4.5 back space. wheel lips are rolled. dana 60