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  1. D

    Toilet Toiling w/ Repair

    I bought this to save my 1970's era baby blue Kohler: CESCO BRASS toilet fill valves Parts and Accessories On-Line Store These are some true, real old school, made in USA style hardware. Not sure how old your unit is or capacity, but when my old Kohler started acting up the valve wouldn't...
  2. moparedtn

    Toilet Toiling w/ Repair

    Yep. All about leverage against the valve...
  3. W

    70RR. Wheel well moundings!

    I still have an issue with this supposed looking dent,but I did a mock up run after taping the fender lip and I see where this deviation is at the lower body line and it kinda works. I will mount it temporarily and stand back and take a long look. I’ll either dig it or ship it back. Simple!!
  4. gkent

    Facebook Group Parts for sale, Possible Scam? Thoughts?

    "Where are you located?" "Where would you like us to be located?!?!" The lack of "about" info sets off an alarm !!
  5. W

    70RR. Wheel well moundings!

    We gett’m in da box? Something north of da border i Persume
  6. D

    Who Likes Ships? We Have Aircraft and Trains.

    post civil war up to around 1910-ish. After that you got stuff like USS Texas. I am always amazed at what men could do, accomplish, the WORK involved.... those behemoths ran on coal. The amount of work to load the ship, then shovel it all into the boilers to move those monsters. Ships like...
  7. gtx6970

    Tony's Parts is for Sale

    IMO ? Tony wants to retire and relax just like the rest of us IMO. But to answer the question on a crash? At some point, yes. Now whether or not that happens in my lifetime remains to be seen. My crystal ball went on the fritz this week. Values are all reletave to the masses that want them...
  8. moparedtn

    Paying attention yet?

    The Mandatory In-Car Breathalyzer Is Only a Few Years Away Yup. Nevermind the technology isn't ready for it, here it comes nonetheless. Big Brother clamps down harder yet again. Thanks again, Brandon.
  9. Riverdawg

    2023 14th Annual FABO NASCAR "Pick 'Em" Game - Here We Go Again!!!

    Did you remove the pole picks from the speadsheet or just for the race? Please set my locked pole pick as #5 and set my locked race picks to #19 and #5. Thanks for keeping this updated.
  10. WileERobby

    Toilet Toiling w/ Repair

    I don't care for these modern vertical floats. The old ball-and-rod float worked better.
  11. R

    Toilet Toiling w/ Repair

    Our Mansfield toily will run intermittently for a few seconds then stop and repeat a few minutes later. Water seeps into the bowl. Noticed the top gasket in the tank beneath the flusher rod looked iffy and it was. Took it off and replaced it. Good to I thought. Removed the tank to...
  12. moparedtn

    Tank vent line is puking fuel

    Holy crap!
  13. D

    Paying attention yet?

    LOL Good Sir, It is already passed into law. Impossible is not a factor. This is starting, in 2026, earlier for Ford and Volvo apparently. The lawyer in the video is not the one proposing this, or talking about debate points, he is explaining the ramifications of this NEW LAW. He has nothing to...
  14. Skytrooper

    Next installment in the saga

    Yup, Dave and I have been talking and texting for the past 2 days ! I left the debris in the pan in case he wants to frame it !
  15. moparedtn

    Next installment in the saga

    Oh no, very sorry to read this! :( Eh, automatics are voodoo to me. I hand the transmission guy a bad one and tell him to give me a good one, that's about the extent of my knowledge - but I'm pretty good at adjustments because of how Mopar so strongly relies on proper linkage settings to operate...
  16. Kern Dog

    1/4 mile E/T difference 3:54 vs 4:11 gears

    It is a small error overall, to refer to numbers that are not exact. 3.55 Dana? 4.11 8 3/4? ? 2.73 8 3/4" ? Numbers get tossed around and since Chevrolet and Ford are greater in numbers, some of their numbers and terms get repeated when some talk about Mopar stuff. Most of us correctly say Sure...
  17. moparedtn

    Next installment in the saga

    External adjustment is one thing. The internals connected therein are sometimes another... and honestly, sort of dainty really. Folks do break the stuff inside adjusting the linkage sometimes?
  18. D

    What all components are needed for the pop up headlights 1970 dodge charger

    It seems like all I need is the motor and the rod. Which I found both of those on ebay. I am going to make sure the mounting bracket bottom part where the motor sits on is still there. Which it is on ebay as well.