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  1. C


    Their was a mote sammi set at at one time. Mote is a military word for settlement or a housing blockade. Sammi was drinking one night wondering about wars past. Their was one thing he conquered for a king, defeating pristol the queen of the elder shades. Pristol was a name for a little gun...
  2. Loulang

    Looking for header suggestions

    I’m gonna be purchasing some headers but would like some input on make and size. I have a 66 charger with a 383. Not sure which heads I have I just dropped my motor off at the engine builders and waiting on him to tear it down and get a plan together. I’m more than likely gonna keep the iron...
  3. J

    Rocker trim ID needed

    How much to start with?
  4. RayHemi

    Early B-Body hood scoops, opinions?

    Sorry. I responded to the wrong post, then tried to back it out but failed. As I look at the rest of the thread, just so happens my observation holds true. MWfan, 1MEAN66, 8stackhemi, 383man, Hey-O and coloradodave (just a few) are all examples to emulate as far as I'm concerned, now matter when...
  5. Pops1967GTX

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    Repaired Window screens 2 down 4 to go
  6. Black_Sheep

    Winter Project - ‘69 GTX Engine Compartment Rehab

    Got the alignment done this afternoon. Rear thrust angle was .05 degrees so we left it alone. Caster is set at 4.9 degrees, camber at -0.5 and toe is 1/16”. I jumped on the freeway to go get some Sunoco 110 and it drove really nice. On the way home I swung by the parts store to grab a part I...
  7. topside

    70RR. Wheel well moundings!

    Looks like they tried to get the contour of the lower body line, but don't have the correct tooling or method. '68-'70 RRs didn't come from the factory with those moldings, nor were they optional, though some guys added them later.
  8. furious70

    A500 IN A 72 B-BODY

    I have an a500 behind my turbocharged 383 in my fury. Works nice
  9. ckessel

    66 Coronet 500 Driver, Light Resto

    All of this fun you're having makes me think of Anna Rossanadana. "If it ain't one thing, its another".
  10. Mopar Hunter

    Facebook Group Parts for sale, Possible Scam? Thoughts?

    Be careful of this scam, he was advertising 1968 Charger seats for $400, he wanted payment through Venmo only.
  11. Rusty knuckles

    Talk me out of a hellcat.

    You sir are terrible at this talking out of thing.
  12. mr. b

    its a good day

    got the motor and transmission in here’s a pic
  13. HawkRod

    New shop build out coming to life

    I agree - the hand rail you built is superb! It has an "industrial" look, yet still somehow classy too. I think it is a fantastic look for the garage. Well Done!
  14. M

    WTB WTB 66 or 67 Belvedere

    Looking for 66 or 67 Belvedere or Satellite preferably restored original, not looking for project or #'s matching car, must be automatic.
  15. Geetex

    Toilet Toiling w/ Repair

    Not just limited to the open ones.
  16. Fran Blacker

    Toilet Toiling w/ Repair

    The seal (flapper my name for it) gets hard and doesn't seal. The seat below that the flapper sits on could be damaged. That was bad on a toilet I had replaced toilet for other reasons. Weeping inlet shut valve.
  17. Richard Cranium

    Toilet Toiling w/ Repair

    I hear in Arkansas that every house window is a urinal.
  18. dadsbee

    Tony's Parts is for Sale

    It will continue to be for sale until someone gets his inventory for 15 to 20% of his retail list. Tooling for reproductions, does he own it first of all? Does any of it fit a conventional NAmerican machine or are you stuck with a specific offshore supplier. As the co-owner of an injection...
  19. Geetex

    Toilet Toiling w/ Repair

    He's in Wisconsin, that's kind of a given. :lol:
  20. C


    The military needs to protect all cyber tools by going back with a paper back vault of files on camera photography and cyber attacks.. alpha jack shadow taught trillions of investigators in heaven how to use AI to find new crimes before they happen.. fbi needs to start using AI to find new...