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  1. Hemirunner

    A518/46RH/48RE Overdrive Transmissions

    Are there any good sources for education on these transmissions and their differences? I’d like to use a fully electronic version in a high horsepower street/strip application and control it with the transmission ICF on the EFI system.
  2. Hemirunner

    Let’s play - What cam, what intake, what carb

    448 cubic inch wedge Factory forged crankshaft Molnar H-beam rods Icon flat top forged pistons 10.5 Static CR Trick Flow 240 Heads 1.5 rockers 3400 lb street/strip car 4.10 rear gear Target 650hp Peak rpm at 6800rpm What cam? What intake? What carb?
  3. Hemirunner

    Bronze distributor gears

    Anyone have any worn out ones? I've been trying to make a fixture to press on replacement gears but my last attempt was a failure. I could use a few more to test with. Also, has anyone been successful at doing this? Post a up a picture of your setup.
  4. Hemirunner

    Building a 650hp street strip 440.....

    Cubic inch small block! Gotcha! Should be fun. R3 Block Callies Crank Molnar Rods Diamond Pistons Edelbrock Victor heads
  5. Hemirunner

    440 Budget Build - Dyno results

    I mentioned in another thread that I had a budget 440 build about ready for the dyno. We finished it today. I'll go through the whole build. The build was loosely based on this but we cut costs even more. There are still quite a few more pennies to pinch here...
  6. Hemirunner

    Leaf spring relocation for B-Body???

    I see lots of leaf spring relocation kits advertised everywhere. I run cal-tracs with rear sliders and all I need are the relocation style front hangers. Is there anyone that sells just the front hangers???