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  1. 493 Mike

    No cutouts required

    Hey! If Harley's don't get stopped for noise, no mufflers-why should cars? Mike
  2. 493 Mike

    Make it fit

    My 65 with TTIs: This was after I bent what I felt was safe to align the drivers side horizontally. Insert large steel pipe in collector (header snug on engine) and apply pressure! The rest of the relocation was welded into the street hook ups. Mike
  3. 493 Mike

    1967 Coronet R/T exhaust.

    I just thought dumping under the body would cause some fumes. I'm just too use to my 66 wagon. My exhaust dumps ahead of the rear axle. But, I built the wagon "rude and crude"! Mike
  4. 493 Mike

    1967 Coronet R/T exhaust.

    I would be concerned exhaust fumes would be a problem. Mike
  5. 493 Mike

    1968 charger header advise for 383

    We need more info. What sound do you want? Full tailpipes? Can you fab/weld the system? Mike
  6. 493 Mike

    Spintech Low profile mufflers?

    You may want to look at the Classic Chambered Exhaust offerings. Mike
  7. 493 Mike

    Dougs headers?

    Mine fits fine. Mike
  8. 493 Mike

    Exhaust pipe clamps

    Don't forget to antisieze the joints either. Mike
  9. 493 Mike


    Lots of fun those sounds are! I have 2 sets. Mike
  10. 493 Mike

    Dougs headers force removal of transmission bracket

    I wouldn't worry about it on a cruiser. Mike
  11. 493 Mike


    I have Dougs on my 66 and am incorporating them on my 65 build also. Probably have ten years of use on the set on the 66. Lots of fun! Mike
  12. 493 Mike

    Exhaust novice needs help

    Cut the angle and weld em up.
  13. 493 Mike

    X shaped exhaust and gear vendor

    No. I used all the original mounting on my 66 but, I moved the engine back as much as I could on my 65, so I fabbed a new crossmember. Mike
  14. 493 Mike

    X shaped exhaust and gear vendor

    I have 2 systems with GVs. Mike
  15. 493 Mike

    Exhaust manifold flange gasket to head pipe

    Different head pipes or remove the end of the pipes and weld on flat flanges. Mike
  16. 493 Mike

    Boom Tubes

    Interesting design. How much does the system weigh? Mike
  17. 493 Mike

    Boom Tubes

    What are you using for hangers? Mike
  18. 493 Mike

    Flowmaster FlowFX mufflers?

    Tell us about that patch on the rear axle. Is there a funny/sad story attached? Mike
  19. 493 Mike

    Boom Tubes

    What do these do? Mike
  20. 493 Mike

    How to keep the red devils and lose the rap

    I would recommend resonators in the tailpipes. Mike