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  1. 493 Mike

    WTB 65 steering coupler to column pin.

    Need the solid pin that fastens the steering coupler to the column (the shoes ride on the ends) for my 65 Belvedere. Many years are likely to fit. Thanks! Mike
  2. 493 Mike

    WTB Still looking for exterior door locks for my 65 Belvedere.

    I really need locks or maybe I can just stick some bullet hole decals over the holes? No! I want locks. Mike
  3. 493 Mike

    WTB Wanted: 1965 B door lock cylinders.

    Must have good trim rings and operable key doors. Need both sides. Mike
  4. 493 Mike

    FOUND Need a new Back up lamp/neutral switch connector.

    Where can I look for a reasonable price? Pigtails on E bay cost more the actual switches. Mike
  5. 493 Mike

    WTB 1965 Belvedere Pillar Mount Courtesy Lamps

    I'm interested in adding another set of matching lamps to my new console. Anyone have a serviceable pair to sell? I know I can buy new reproduction lenses and bezels if need be. Thanks! Mike
  6. 493 Mike

    WTB Need a glove box door latch for 66 Belvedere.

    My glove box door latch broke and I need a replacement. Striker is OK. Thanks. Mike
  7. 493 Mike

    WTB Exterior door locks to fit my 65 Belvedere.

    Hi fellas, I need a pair of door locks with a matching key. Must be presentable and working. Thanks. Mike
  8. 493 Mike

    WTB I need 2 62-69 B-body glove box latches.

    I don't need keys as long as latches are unlocked. 2 attachment screws would be nice too. Can anyone help? Thanks. Mike
  9. 493 Mike

    WTB 1st generation Neon

    My 98 R/T has terminal rust so I'm in the search for a solid body. Want a 2 door with 5 speed . A standard 3.55 final drive and decent interior would be a plus! Mike
  10. 493 Mike

    WTB Looking for a nice 66 Belvedere SW tail gate.

    My gate is filled with bondo and I would like to replace it. Mike
  11. 493 Mike

    WTB Lock sets needed.

    Hi fellas, Where can I purchase a new ignition lock tumbler and door locks with matching keys for my 65 Belvedere? I also need the nut that retains the ignition switch in the dash. Mike
  12. 493 Mike

    WTB Want to add power boost to manual drums?

    I have a 65 Coronet with drum brakes. Does anyone have a booster with bell crank and firewall plate for the conversion for sale? Are the master cylinders the same (not counting the push rod)? Mike
  13. 493 Mike

    WTB A/C Compressor clutch.

    Hi Guys, I need a RV-2 clutch for my 1965 Coronet. I don't care if the bearing is bad/noisy, I need the pulley and hub. Thanks. Mike
  14. 493 Mike

    WTB Entire factory cruise control setup.

    I am thinking about adding cruise control to my 1965 Coronet. I believe I can use late 60s to mid 70s units. I don't think they vary too much. Do any of you guys have a setup I could purchase? Thanks! Mike
  15. 493 Mike

    WTB 318 Electronic distributor w/ vacuum advance

    I'm looking for a early 70's distributor for my 318 "A" engine. Anyone have one to sell? Mike
  16. 493 Mike

    WTB 66 Belvedere SW left side tailgate window seal.

    My wagon is missing the glass seal on the drivers side for the tailgate. The stainless channel is present but, empty. On a side note: I could use a solid tailgate also. Mine has tons of bondo in it. Mike
  17. 493 Mike

    WTB 1998 Neon R/T

    I'm in the market for another Neon to replace mine. The body must be in reasonable, rust free shape. The drive train is not important. Mike
  18. 493 Mike

    WTB 8 3/4 axle bearing adjusters

    Hi fellas, Does anyone have a pair (L&R) of axle shaft endplay adjusters and lock I can purchase? Thanks! Mike
  19. 493 Mike

    WTB 66 Belvedere SW tailgate glass channel/seal

    My car is missing the glass channel seal on the drivers side. Can anyone help me out? The passenger side is shown. I'm also in the market for a complete tailgate as mine is heavily "bondoed". Mike