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    Don't you have any good local rebuilders? Check with other Mopar guys/gals for a source. Mike
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    You mean it's not Lois Lane? Mike
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    727 not shifting through gears

    It looks like you have a manual valve body. Is the shift pattern normal: PRND21 or reverse pattern: PRN12D? If it is a MVB you have to select every gear manually, of course but, if not and it has no throttle linkage, the trans is probably "toast". Mike
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    Torque converter balance question

    I would worry about the carbonized transmission fluid from welding heat causing isssues. Mike
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    727 Selector shaft lever removal

    Pry the lever up with a screw driver between the two levers then repeat between the lower lever and case. You may have to alternate coming in from each side-back and forth. Mike
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    Shifter Adjustment ?

    If the hole in the transmission lever is worn, a small flat washer can be welded on to shrink the hole size. If excessive up and down clearance exists, shimming will help. A visual inspection will confirm issues as pointed out in #2 above. Mike
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    727 Loud shuddering bang/clunk noise under load going up hill *UPDATE*

    The over running clutch is only used in 1st gear. Mike
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    Anyone familiar with this assembly lube?

    Just saw this: GL-8U : Universal Gel Lube This product appears to fill a lot of uses! Mike
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    Header bolt.

    Why would you think that? Either put it back with sealant or install a stud like OEM. Mike
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    Flex plate to converter issues-Problem Found

    Pull it out for examination. I have found during my life that the long way is usually the best way. Mike
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    Rear main seal question

    I generally cut those nubs off with a razor blade and apply a bead of silicone sealant to the junction between the block and the main cap. Mike
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    torque converter to flex plate gap

    Did you pull the converter forward as far as it will move? Did you lube the hub? There may be a problem with the interface/clearance. The flex plate cannot be sprung out of shape with bolts trying to pull the two together. Mike
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    Correct filter.....

    It doesn't remove as small a particle as does the 51515 but, I use them for the higher pressure rating on 3 cars. Mike
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    Not so good vibrations...

    Sounds to me like the geometry of the linkage may be suspect. MAX wedges didn't use automatic shifting valve bodies to my knowledge. I would recommend a manual reverse valve body behind that engine. Have you checked drive line angles? Mike
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    remove oil pickup tube

    I agree with the above statement. But, if all else fails cut it off and use a easy-out. Mike
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    1969 Charger converting to single plane intake after Holley sniper

    What is the vertical throttle spring for? Mike
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    70 Charger - Mechanic says "Transmission Selector Shaft" is leaking and wants 8 hours labor to replace

    It could be the leak. The selector shaft "seal" can and do leak, usually due to old age. With the correct tools it shouldn't take more than 1 hour. Mike
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    New rebuilt 727 leaking near filler tube

    You may have bent the tube at the o-ring groove. Pull the tube to inspect and correct if bent. Then adjust the top end to clear the valve cover. Reinstall with a little silicone for insurance. Mike
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    Driveline vibration!

    As stated above, check drive line angles. Those can be influenced by bad motor and transmission mounts. Mike
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    rear axle gear noise , what to do , If anything

    I've heard banana peels can quiet noisy gears. Just long enough for a quick sale! Mike