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  1. polywideblock

    New Member Illinois

    G, day from Australia:welcome:
  2. Ron Malmsten

    Any 4740s Carter Carbs available ?

    Looking for a 4740s what's available ?
  3. Ghostrider 67

    WTB Help please

    This River Tables furniture maker place is just two doors down, call them and ask about somebody seeing if those cats are doing business....looks like the exhaust business is out of a home garage....
  4. qkcuda

    Scarebird brake company shutting down

    That's great news. I am in the process of installing one of their kits on my Charger this weekend.
  5. pnora

    Does this make sense? sticking caliper

    There will be some drag. When driving do they seem to be getting hot? Most of the time the more you drive the worse they get. Does seem odd that both would do that.
  6. detroit_inc

    FOR SALE 1968 GTX Grille and Lower Bumper Filler / Grille support

    68 GTX or Sport Satellite grille with lower grille supports / bumper filler. No headlight buckets. One pice missing in center. Located in Brighton, MI 48114. Asking $300
  7. davek

    Does this make sense? sticking caliper

    My brake pedal is not soft , always had good braking on car and no pulling. What are the chances of both going bad. Wagner calipers from OReillys auto
  8. 3white74

    WTB Help please

    Still need help with this ....747mopar out there ???
  9. hemi71x


    Wouldn't mind at all taking a "chip" shot with a couple of her strategic locations.
  10. moparwacko

    Scarebird brake company shutting down

    Supposedly they are back in business! I was doing a search to see if by chance I could locate a kit for my 64 D100, and went on the site. It says under new management on 4/17/23 and will the new owner will be manufacturing all the existing products. Scarebird Classic Brakes LLC
  11. Muskulls

    I found your electrical diagram link. Thank you for making that available. I'm slowly working on...

    I found your electrical diagram link. Thank you for making that available. I'm slowly working on my lovely Lucy to get her back into good running shape. Your PDF's will come in great handy as I correct the electrical system. She runs, but the fuse block is melted in some areas and shows...
  12. 65Bel

    Beautiful '62 Imperial Crown Convertible up for bids on Hagerty Auctions

    1962 Imperial Crown Convertible Auction | Hagerty Marketplace
  13. davek

    Does this make sense? sticking caliper

    Both calipers are 5 years old. New hoses and bleed system and the discs are hard to turn. I opened the bleeder bolts and still hard to turn. New pads and all is clean. If I wait 12 hours the free up. So does this guy know what hes talking about? 1970 Bee manual brakes with disc up front.
  14. ruffcut

    Trick Flow 240 vs Stealth heads

    Those are great numbers on a 451!
  15. 1 Wild R/T

    Caster numbers
  16. 1 Wild R/T

    Caster numbers

    I've done better than that with stock A arms & offset bushings.... Last one I did was over 4.5 on both sides... But FWIW 3.0 should drive pretty good....
  17. HawkRod

    Cheap meal?

    Personally, I prefer a porter or stout!
  18. pnora

    Caster numbers

    Why? You really do not need more. What camber did you end up with?
  19. HawkRod

    HawkRod is doing the 2023 Hot Rod Power Tour!

    It's a dual field alternator with the appropriate voltage regulator. It has been working just fine in my car for 8 years, but of course now, last minute before I leave on a trip, it decides to take a crap. I may have indirectly caused it when the field wire fell off? I don't know. I...
  20. wahya

    Cheap meal?

    Is that a BL can?