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  1. drhill

    Sniper Efi 68 Charger

    I did the Sniper EFI Conversion on this 68 Barracuda. Coil is mounted on the intake in front of the throttle body and is causing no issues.
  2. drhill

    Muffler or Not?

    I put them on mine. Using Dynomax 17676 mufflers with electric cutouts.
  3. drhill

    change from a/c box to non a/c bos 72 charger

    I have most of the pieces of an ac heater box that came out of a 71 charger if you are interested.
  4. drhill

    71 Charger Petty clone on Toy Makers TV show

    I built mine based off what nascar called boom tubes. I have it thru mufflers when I want quite or electric cutouts to be loud.
  5. drhill

    I think it's lost to time and a hurricane. 71 Charger R/T

    I put wide ones on the back of mine.
  6. drhill

    SOLD Edelbrock 7193 Performer RPM Intake

    I have this intake that I bought new for a 440. Things didn't work out with that engine so this intake is for sale. It has not been modified in any way. As you see I still had the original box. The intake has approximately 2000 miles of run time on it. None of the holes are stripped or...
  7. drhill

    Let's See Your 71-74 Chargers

    If you search the posts by me there is photos, receipt and what I did.
  8. drhill

    Let's See Your 71-74 Chargers

    It is vintage air. I bought the condenser kit for a Challenger. The evaporator inside the car is the electronic one. I have the receipt that I can post if you want. I will have to find it.
  9. drhill

    Let's See Your 71-74 Chargers

    This is my 71 Charger.
  10. drhill


    Small block headers run 3 tubes below the drag link unless you I have TTI headers. That would be the lowest point. If you have manifolds and the exhaust is done right you would have no problems. My oil pan is about the same as the k- member. I do have to be careful when driving over speed bumps...
  11. drhill


    I measured 6 3/4" from the floor to the bottom of the pinch weld in the front and 7 1/2" in the rear. The header is about 3 ti 3 1/2" to the floor.
  12. drhill


    I have mine at this height. Much lower and I have issues with small block headers.
  13. drhill

    Big Block Roller Rockers

    We put a set on a 438 stroker in a Barracuda. Lasted for maybe 3000 miles. One of the rollers broke off. Engine has an Edelbrock top end kit on it. Spent the money on Harland sharps and have not regretted it.
  14. drhill

    WTB Intake manifold

    $250 plus shipping. Intake has had no modifications done to it. Has been run less than 2000 miles. I can send more pictures if you are still interested. I am out of town for a few days but will send them as soon as possible.
  15. drhill

    WTB Intake manifold

    I have one
  16. drhill

    '71 Center Horn

    I used dielectric grease on mine. Hopefully it will last a long while.
  17. drhill

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    Here's a photo shopped Charger.
  18. drhill

    Time for a show lets see the 71-74's

    I've been trying to drive mine more.