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  1. R

    WTB Driveshaft for a 1968 Coronet

    Hi, I'm looking for a driveshaft for my 1968 Dodge Coronet. I bought the car as a roller, and have a 318 for it. I do not have a transmission, so open to a driveshaft from either a 727 or a 904 car. Would prefer a 727. Located in New Hampshire, but will travel to most of new england or pay...
  2. Black_Sheep

    Mopars in the Park Picture Gallery

    Dan’s Dart, first time in public…
  3. littleredcoffin

    FOR SALE 1967 Coronet loaded Doors $150pr.

    The doors are rusty.All the internals are there.So if your needing parts,pieces or need to know exactly how the door goes back together this is a very cheap price.$150pr.Due to size and weight.These are a pick up only item.Keene NH...Both door windows roll up and down.Clear glass.Pictures show...
  4. Black_Sheep

    Mopars in the Park Picture Gallery

    My friends and I walked the show field to do our participant voting. They were moving kind of slow, talking to people and looking at cars so I had plenty of time to snap a few pictures.
  5. 63dodge440

    535 supercharged first start up... Didn't go so well. thoughts needed?

    Does everyone agree that my setup didn't put a bevel on a couple valve stems?
  6. Richard Cranium

    The "What is a Woman" film is free this weekend on Twitter.

    Matt Walsh’s Family Asks If One Night This Year They Can Watch Something Besides 'What Is A Woman?' Jun 2, 2023 NASHVILLE, TN — Movie Night at the Walsh household was thrown into turmoil last night, as political commentator Matt Walsh's family pleaded with him to let them watch...
  7. 66plysat

    Need help with parking Brake Pedal Assembly

    After playing with it for a while I finally figured out how it went and what it was for. It's good to know my brain still works a little even if it is a little slow. Thanks for the responses, it's all back together and working.
  8. littleredcoffin

    FOR SALE 1966 Dodge coronet Drivers door

    Off 1966 Coronet.Very Clean for the year.Door is empty.$150..Due to size .It will not be cost affective to ship.$150.Pick up only.Keene NH.
  9. Richard Cranium

    The "What is a Woman" film is free this weekend on Twitter.

    Film That Just Shows Liberals Talking About Their Ideas Labeled 'Offensive Content' Jun 3, 2023 USA — A newly released film that simply lets liberals say exactly what they believe has been flagged for "Offensive Content" on all available platforms. "We literally just allowed liberals...
  10. littleredcoffin

    FOR SALE 1966-67 Rear frame rails

    These are in very nice condition. I cut them off car and left room to trim excess..I can not ship these to due cost.Pick up only..Located in Keene NH.$500 for the pair.I dont believe you will find better or cheaper a price at Carlisle ..
  11. Budnicks

    What did you do today....other than work on your car!?

    My dog Elvis turned 8 y/o today he's getting grey I took him to Tractor Supply, got him some more food, Milkbones & Pupperoni treats, breath Minty treats & a new canvas 'duck toy' he loves going there, mainly the ride in the truck, it the best We stopped by McDs after, I got him a 1/4pd...
  12. BigFlo

    WTB Fuse block replacement terminals

    Preferably with the crimps.
  13. D

    Toilet Toiling w/ Repair

    There probably was **** involved. Cool story!
  14. D

    Toilet Toiling w/ Repair

    They make them that plug in, it warms the water. They got very popular during the TP shortage. You’re going to pay more for the seat, than the toilet. Of course you do have to run an outlet. Might get lucky and have one close behind or if your vanity outlet is close. Make sure it’s on a GFCI...
  15. moparwacko

    Thinking of buying a roadrunner

    Your best shot at getting it driving/movable is finding a running/driving C body. Then you will have almost everything to make it happen. Big block C bodies are getting harder to find but they are still around and less expensive than a big block B body. Good luck
  16. J

    Thinking of buying a roadrunner

    Does the transmission from the 440 motor home fit the roadrunner? Because I can always swap to a manual transmission later, and this would get rid of a lot of headaches for now.
  17. J

    Thinking of buying a roadrunner

    Yeah haha it’s just I have family who have done similar things and have big workshops I can use, and where im moving to is a hellhole for buying car, literally 10x the prices here in the US. I know it probably won’t happen.