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  1. Charles Cook

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    If he has to haul ***, he’s going to have to make two trips. :lol:
  2. peabodyracin

    Midwest Mopars in the Park

    Back from selling Fri and today. Did pretty well overall, selling a car and fair amount of parts. Most vendors I talked to seemed to feel sales were fair to good but not great. Crowd seemed lighter than I expected. Everyone I visited with was enjoying themselves. Weather high 80s and the sun...
  3. moparedtn


    Let the bidding begin with me - $1.25! :thumbsup:
  4. kiwigtx

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  5. guy gadbois


    Sorry so late to reply, but I have been busily erecting a flagpole upon which I can hoist a white one... Mr HawkRod, I have absolutely no doubts that you will get everything together and have a great trip. Not so sure about me... Anybody wanna buy a real nice 67 Belvedere II? Only 47k on it, and...
  6. Bearhunter

    DeltaV's '70 Charger 500; The Omen

    B5 is my favorite color. I also have ‘70 500 that is much like yours. It gets a lot of looks. Good luck getting it back on the road again!
  7. Timmayy

    Distributor is leaking oil on my headers

    Update. Since I have a Bosch oil pressure gauge, the factory sending unit wasn't calibrated properly. I bought a Bosch sending unit and now I'm getting around 50-60 psi. Much better. I also talked to my buddy that put the engine together. He's going to redo the intake gasket for me next week.
  8. Timmayy

    Water temp sending unit question

    So, after figuring out that the sending unit wasn't calibrated to the Bosch temp gauge, I decided to see if the oil pressure gauge had the same issue. Sure enough. I got the Bosch sending unit and it's calibrated properly to the Bosch gauge.
  9. Timmayy

    65 Belvedere speedometer cable

    I will have to check that next.
  10. 68BabyBlue

    One of those times when you see an incredibly beautiful woman.

    For me it's been like the 60s Mopars. What turned my head in that era still does, if it's well preserved and still bears a passing resemblance to good days gone by. Newer stuff typically does nothing for me, metal or in the flesh. One exception a few years back when I was at Carlisle...
  11. dan juhasz

    WTB Fuse block replacement terminals

    I have left over terminals from a set I bought. Are you close to Whiting or do you want me to mail 2 to you?
  12. VANDAN

    Thinking of buying a roadrunner

    Remember one thing, when you are on a limited time schedule: Setbacks Are Unavoidable...
  13. Jbcd125

    FOR SALE 1969 Super Bee For Sale

    I dropped the price to move it. Is the ad still up? I thought they were taking it down because I violated some rule about descriptions
  14. Kern Dog

    The Meme not a Meme Thread Part DEUX

    Funny ad....Hey, a guy can dream, right?
  15. Mopar Hunter

    Tamraz auto parts Naperville IL

    I know this is an old thread, Summit Racing matched every price that Tamraz quoted me.
  16. V

    Power steering hose correctl

    Does the rubber side of my fitting with the crush washer go into the box. I’m not 100% sure
  17. Robertop

    535 supercharged first start up... Didn't go so well. thoughts needed?

    I resent that remark! Cheap metal-whatever that is- has been around forever, the problem is that many companies go abroad without specifying exactly what they want and settle for inferior products. A little internet research is needed on their lazy butts.