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    No longer needed please lock thread

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    Finally!!! 71 Sebring Plus

    You're thinking 1972 SSP.
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    For Sale - Not Mine - Why is everything a barn find?

    With a A19 SPD the Pentastar would be correct. They were put on 72's built up to December of 71. As far as the car there is so much wrong makes me sick: Radiator Exhaust wheels shifter engine compartment as a whole ETC... Ron
  4. RJS

    A 1972 Plmouth Roadrunner/GTX 440+6 BBL did they make one?

    Nothing fake/bogus about that car. Was restored by Magnum Restoration and on display at MCAN last November. A long time Mopart's member owned it for a good 15 + years but finally decided he couldn't restore it to the level needed and now in "The Brother's Collection". Ron
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    Glen-Ray radiators

    Yep the absolute best company in our hobby handsdown!!! My original radiator came back perfect and car runs cool to boot. Bob wouldn't take money till I saw it and is always a pleasure to talk to. Ron
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    New here and heres my car

    Wow very nice looking Charger! Ron
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    1969 EF8 4 speed Road Runner convertible number matching beauty (not mine) on eBay.

    Better than most you see but MANY incorrect restoration items. Also missing the correct one year only trim rings among everything else already mentioned.. Ron
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    1972 VIP Plymouth Sebring Plus

    I bet you say that to "all the cars!":) Thanks Dave Ron
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    I'm back in a B-body

    Best of Luck to you!!! I think you scored big Ron
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    1972 VIP Plymouth Sebring Plus

    That's a big no! SSP gave you 318 as base engine, 400 2BBL as an option and then 400 4BBL as the top power plant. The Plus in the equation gave you Argent paint below the side trim. RP23 Satellite Sebring Plus -8-2DR HT The following items of Equipment are standard on this Model: Vinyl...
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    Graveyard Carz Fall 2015

    I read all these threads and always have to ponder whether or not to post in them because each side is very passionate about their point. Even when I watch Mark say OE this and OE that and then make so many rookie mistakes on cars I've come to this forum and asked owner's that are active in the...
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    1972 VIP Plymouth Sebring Plus

    Love to see it, what color? Too bad it's a 318 though. Ron
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    GYC last night

    I have to say I thought last night's episode was a super snoozer!!! I could care less about a 66 Charger but that wasn't the reason this episode sucked. Restore the cars and tell backstory and I'm happy. Tony is a good guy but will lose credibility hanging with Mark. Oh and I like the show in...
  14. RJS

    Graveyard Carz Fall 2015

    The story that it just happened at idle later in the show sounds fishy. Also they are trying to starting it a then discover the broken block and pan but not oil on the motor or k frame or floor??? Yeah right I know how much cleaning is involved when an engine BREAKS not just spins a bearing...
  15. RJS

    Wiw - '72 rr

    When the seller tells you how rare it is I usually know I'm going to get bent over. A lot incorrect on it and a lot dolled up. Not matching, big wheels, 73 valve covers, reproduction radiator,wrong alternator, regulator, airfilter. Dash board looks painted to much shine, woodgrain looks...
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    Graveyard Carz Fall 2015

    That's not what I asked, I watch all the shows and I know how bad the car was when they started. YOU listed a bunch of problems on the internet and I asked if you would list the solution for each, then I asked about the correction of unpainted hinges and bolts. My post didn't bash GYC's or your...
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    Graveyard Carz Fall 2015

    Since the owner of the Burnt Orange Hemi is here I for one would like to hear more about the problems and actual solutions on his car. Every and any car I've had apart had a list of faults after. Please be specific and the fixes. I saw the list you originally posted about faults but you...
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    gonna need a new daily driver...

    Ivan sorry to hear this, glad your wife is OK. If she is feeling the neck and wrist get to a doctor today. Hope this all comes out good for you in the end. Ron
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    A big thankyou to ECS

    Like I always tell my wife "Google is your friend"! ECS is probably the most concerned vendor you'll ever find!!! Ron
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    71 charger rt 4 spd

    Has to be a Scamo!!!