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  1. RJS

    1971 Charger with Ramcharger & AC where to pass hoses through Firewall?

    I'm going to assume by your picture you eliminated the A/C evaporator so why not near there?
  2. RJS

    Harms Automotive did a beautiful job on this one

    Way to go Scott!!!!
  3. RJS

    Air Grabber / Ramcharger Actuator Screws help

    The bolts that hold your hood safety on would be correct looking also. Ron
  4. RJS

    Air Grabber / Ramcharger Actuator Screws help

    They use a hex head bolt with a captive spinning washer. By memory I believe it's 1/4" thread, the welded nuts in the hood will confirm that. They are probably the same bolt as the "SEM" bolt that should be in the side of the actuator bracket. RT Specialties should sell them or Frank...
  5. RJS

    Air grabber question about switch

    Electric isn't needed to make them work, vacuum is all that is needed. The factory added the electric solenoid to make sure the door was closed if car wasn't running. Ron
  6. RJS

    ***FOUND****Need a Holley Throttle body gasket #

    All my books are packed away right now so wondering if anyone has an old Holley Parts Catalog handy? Need throttle body gasket P/N for a 6193 carburetor. It's a 4160 design so primaries are smaller than secondaries but a square base. It's the top gasket in this picture attached. I can buy a...
  7. RJS

    Help - corbin spring or flat spring clamps?

    Here's a picture, they are flat black spring type:
  8. RJS

    Help - corbin spring or flat spring clamps?

    A flat spring type clamp is used there. Ron
  9. RJS

    Accelerator pump tuning

    The most important thing to do that no one has addressed is the acc. pump adjustment. You have to open the throttle fully and then also push the acc. lever all the way down and measure between it and the acc. arm. You need to have a minimal space between the two at this point. I always use .008...