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  1. RJS

    air grabber disassembly?

    End caps and flap are Orange, I mentioned early in this post that the door hinge was body color on a 70. Ron
  2. RJS

    air grabber disassembly?

    Orange same as inner flap. Ron
  3. RJS

    air grabber disassembly?

    All good, like I said that's why I was confused. Still unsure of your initial question. Are you asking why the fiberglass part wouldn't come off after removing the nuts under the door opening??? If so then you have to remove that one bolt in the circle section. Just went back and looked at your...
  4. RJS

    air grabber disassembly?

    You disagreed with my answer and then a few posts down said you will be painting the hinge red along with your hood. Don't understand why you would disagree and then later kinda agree????
  5. RJS

    air grabber disassembly?

    On a 70 hood the hinge for the door stays on the hood and gets painted with car if that's what your talking about Ron
  6. RJS

    the recalled Kelsey Hayes Warrior wheels

    The original "recall wheels" really weren't at fault. The newness of this type of wheel was it's demise per say. The wheels needed to be re-torqued after initial use and most weren't so lugs would loosen and wheels would crack. Chrysler couldn't have all of this liability and it was probably...
  7. RJS

    Door vin location

    Doesn't your door have an arrow to show you where it goes?? Ron
  8. RJS

    Show Pics of your 68 or 69 Roadrunner

    I'll probably just shoot a video of it with some HOT women and put it up on Face Book!!
  9. RJS

    Show Pics of your 68 or 69 Roadrunner

    I like mine bone stock
  10. RJS

    68 coronet rt vert

    Yes tag is by battery but in 1968 the order# from the tag is what would be stamped on the radiator support not the Vin. To you question on hood you have a 69 style Ramcharger Hood on there. Optional on 69 R/T and standard on 69 Hemi, not available for 68 just a bulge hood for 68 as others have...
  11. RJS

    Reverse light problems

    Is your issue fixed with the new switch??? If not do you have the 1970 only reverse linkage in place and adjusted correctly??? Does the collar on your steering column turn when the car is put into reverse??? If not you don't have the linkage hooked up and you may have to just turn the column...
  12. RJS

    need a new gas tank...choices?

    I think I covered this pretty thoroughly for you today in e-mails. Amazon works out to be the cheapest for the Spectra Premium with free shipping. I would wait on sending unit till you see how well your unit works since the new one's now a days are problematic. Tank, straps bolts/nuts and...
  13. RJS

    What's it worth?

    I didn't say I saw it on LI forsale I said I think I remember it on LI at a show or something. I said to myself this is a nice car but only had like 4 options on the tag and one of the "options" was to delete the rear stripe. If I'm mistaken I'm mistaken so post the tag or even easier tell us...
  14. RJS

    What's it worth?

    I remember seeing the car on LI last year or year before unless it's another one I'm thinking of?? Post the tag and we'll see.
  15. RJS

    WTB bench seat rails

    Why don't you post in the parts wanted section???
  16. RJS

    What's it worth?

    [Worth 1 Million dollars!
  17. RJS

    Correct Trim rings?

    First off a Road wheel is a 5 spoke wheel with a trim ring, a Rallye wheel is the argent painted wheel with a series of holes and a trim ring. Going by the one picture you posted the trim ring on the left is a 69 with the 4 attaching points, the one on the right is the correct 70 style. I bet...
  18. RJS

    Side marker reflectors on a 69 Roadrunner

    They snap in and also have twoside tape.
  19. RJS

    69 Coronet Engine to Firewall ground strap question

    Should have a shot or two. Most of the reproduction places carry them like RT Specialties, Mega, Dante's etc... Ron
  20. RJS

    V Code 1970 GTX On Ebay

    The red GTX above the glovebox door isn't a constant on 70 GTX's. The guy that runs the GTX registry has been tracking that situation for years on these cars. The two 70's that I've owned both had it though. Here's a 70 GTX pet peeve of mine: The left woodgrain panel is mounted upside down on...