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  1. 1967coronet

    Cheap-O seat covers?

    You want cheap go to E bay
  2. 1967coronet

    Trying to find OEM fabric to reupholster seats....

    Try these guys, if they do not have it they might have some ideas of were to look.
  3. 1967coronet

    Little holes in the floorboard, repair or replace?

    Excuse the fat finger but this area needs to be removed and then replaced with a cut down aftermarket pan. Need to get outside to good steel.
  4. 1967coronet

    67 coronet 440 door panels

    Hi Gary, the reason I brought up the arm rest length is the panels will have arm rest mount holes aprox 1/2" dia . Punched in the door panel. I was not sure if a 9" arm rest will cover the hole spread for a 13" arm rest. I think the rear panels for a convert will sit out away from the side a...
  5. 1967coronet


    Hell it's not just car parts, I sent my top plate in 3 weeks ago to get one missing tooth replaced. Still waiting.
  6. 1967coronet

    67 coronet 440 door panels

    Just seen this post. Gary the only differeance is in the arm rest length, the 500s and R/Ts use longer arm rest than the 440 models. I think the 440 is a 9 " and the 500s are 12 or 13".
  7. 1967coronet

    ID these bucket seats

    Thanks, I will run them awhile and make sure I like them. Prob redo the center inserts on the back seat to match the fronts. Console is loose just sitting in there. May have to get a couple seams on it ?
  8. 1967coronet

    ID these bucket seats

    Thank you R413 , :thumbsup:
  9. 1967coronet

    ID these bucket seats

  10. 1967coronet

    ID these bucket seats

    Thanks, ok I should have thought of that lol.
  11. 1967coronet

    ID these bucket seats

    I just got this set and installed them in my 67. Manual slide , SAE 5/16 mount studs , swap meet find so no real info on them. Trying to ID them to locate simular upholstery pattern to do the rear seat.
  12. 1967coronet

    1966 67 Belvedere Coronet OEM Original Dash Pad

    Nice dash pad mike. You may have better luck finding a buyer if you post this in the interior parts for sale thread.
  13. 1967coronet

    Original seat cover source?

    X4 on the legendary covers but like posted above they are a few months behind on orders. Order now for jan. Delivery. I'm waiting on a pair of 67 bucket covers myself.
  14. 1967coronet

    Pro Car seats , good , bad ?

    Procar 80-1300-51L Pro-90 Series Speedway motors sight says out of stock, classic industries is showing ( in stock)
  15. 1967coronet

    Pro Car seats , good , bad ?

    Thanks Frank, that is the same seat I am looking at. They look good in your car. Good to hear they are holding up.
  16. 1967coronet

    Pro Car seats , good , bad ?

    I have been kicking around the idea of taking my bench seat out and going with a pair of buckets. Buying a set of original seats then buns and covers is over the top cost wise for a switch I may not stay with. So I have been looking at aftermarket seats, pro car offer seats with vertical seams...
  17. 1967coronet

    Best method cleaning windshield?

    windex and a paper towel
  18. 1967coronet

    Any auto upholsterers in Iowa

    I know a couple who have built street rods for years, she does all the upholstery work on them. I will check and see if they want a outside job or if she will do one, I know in years past they have done some work for others but I cant say for sure until I speak with them. I will let you know one...
  19. 1967coronet

    Any auto upholsterers in Iowa

    Do you have pre made set of covers like from legendary ect ? Or just a big roll ? Are you replacing the buns / foam ?
  20. 1967coronet

    PICS! $350 Custom manual transmission console for BENCH seat shifter, bench replaced by bucket seats

    That turned out great and just tops off the interior. Very nice.