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  1. BadBee

    FOR SALE 440 piston, rods and crank

    Hi Kim, Is crank 10/10? I'm interested in rods and crank, my block is .030 you can pm me on a price if you'd like. Shipping to 02170 Thanks Mitch
  2. BadBee

    FOR SALE 1968-69 Hemi 4 speed

    All gone through excellent shape no broken ears OOOO, new retainer bearing B body, I'm losing $200 on this,I held it for over a year on the guys word and the GUY WELCHED on it need gone,I'm in Mass. Traveling to N.J. Once in a while a STEAL at $1200. Firm FOB vin pad #B2326I0 new process...
  3. BadBee

    FOR SALE 383 Six Pack

    Ma Mopar never sold those carbs to my knowledge as a factory set up, I've used them since the 70's, 4782/4783's were replacement carbs over the counter,or from Mr.Norms,Direct Connection, this set up is on my 69 Dart 440
  4. BadBee

    FOR SALE 1969 18 Spline Hemi 4 speed

    Hello All, As it says I have one also new retainer Bearing installed, I'm into it for $1400. Just want my money back,going different route, excellent shape,B Body PM me for pics, I might be going to Carlisle Thanks
  5. BadBee

    FOR SALE 18 spline trade

    Six packs??
  6. BadBee

    FOR SALE 18 spline trade

    '69 833 18 spline with new retainer bearing but I'm not under the gun.Are you just swapping?
  7. BadBee

    FOR SALE 18 spline trade

    Are you paying shipping?
  8. BadBee

    FOR SALE Headers

    I would also buy them if you ship!!!!
  9. BadBee


    Wagon I PM him on a cam 2 weeks ago no reply!
  10. BadBee

    FOR SALE WTB 1967 GTX Air Cleaner

    Ski Is it the 383 or 440? Should be the same? Have you checked CL at all?? I've been looking to when I'm surfing
  11. BadBee

    FOR SALE WTB 1967 GTX Air Cleaner

    I'll keep an eye out!!
  12. BadBee

    SOLD Milodon iol pan

    P.m me I'll take it by pay pal
  13. BadBee

    FOR SALE 1965 Coronet glass hood and scoop

    I've sent two in the last ten days!!! Must be on a ROAD TRIP!!
  14. BadBee

    FOR SALE Modified K-Member 62-65

    Big Block I Assume?