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  1. BadBee

    WTB Direct Connection Carbs

    Hello All, I'm looking to buy a set or individual carbs mechanical in good shape, 4782 center carb 350cfm 2 4783 end carbs 500 cfm Thanks, Mitch
  2. BadBee

    WTB Carbs six pack

    Looking for 4782/4783 manual carbs ,PM me thanks
  3. BadBee

    WTB 65 Belvedere dash cluster

    I Have 2!!! But I will not have them until 2 weeks as I'm picking the car up then,it's all paid for and it's a roller with 383/4 speed, I have all the parts as there was a donor car with it, it's all epoxy primed and ready to paint then it's reassembly time,PM me in two weeks and I'll let you...