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  1. BadBee

    FOR SALE 1968-69 Hemi 4 speed

    All gone through excellent shape no broken ears OOOO, new retainer bearing B body, I'm losing $200 on this,I held it for over a year on the guys word and the GUY WELCHED on it need gone,I'm in Mass. Traveling to N.J. Once in a while a STEAL at $1200. Firm FOB vin pad #B2326I0 new process...
  2. BadBee

    FOR SALE 1969 18 Spline Hemi 4 speed

    Hello All, As it says I have one also new retainer Bearing installed, I'm into it for $1400. Just want my money back,going different route, excellent shape,B Body PM me for pics, I might be going to Carlisle Thanks
  3. BadBee

    SOLD A-12 Eddy/Chrysler 3412046 Intake/Carbs

    Here ya Go Guys, Original A-12 aluminum Eddy/Chrysler Six pack iintake with Carbs, on the shelf for 30years!!! Nice Shape!! Center carb #4144/6020 Inboard carb # 4393/0929 Outboard carb#4394/1139 Manifolld and whole package is in "Nice Shape" P.M me for pics please NO DREAMERS!!! I'm...